Tuesday 10 March 2020

Lifestyle // 7 Ways To Make a 'Bad Day' Better

Rachel Emily outside a cream house with a blue door smiling widely

Having a bad day?

Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

At the moment the simplest of days have had the greatest ability to go sour very quickly.
From the guy who aggresively swore at me in a supermarket car park despite me having right of way and him speeding to the words that just won't seem to flow for my dissertation despite hours of trying.

You don't have to settle for a bad day though. Here are some easy hacks that I've been using on these 'bad days' to make them good again...

Get Outside

Nature has many benefits, which might be tricky if you're in a big city, but just getting up and going outside into the elements can really turn a bad day around. Maybe if it's torrential rain you might want to double take but restoring your mental energy for the day can be as simple as popping outside for just 10 minutes. 

Journalling or Listing

I swear by my bullet journal and by inputting things into which are positive or signs of progress towards my goals instantly brings my mood back towards the positive side of the spectrum.
Listing I find also works when my BuJo isn't to hand. I list things that I'm happy about, looking forward to and things that I'm greatful for which again swings the positivity levels the right way.

Rachel Emily standing in front of a wood clad wall in a pink top and blue jeans

Do Something Kind

When something goes badly, my new mission is to try and do something kind to overpower the bad. By doing a kind thing for someone else I feel more positive about myself, the day and the world. 
It might just be helping someone cross the road, holding a door open for someone or letting someone out in bad traffic but I find the small things help. 


So... maybe not one to break out in the middle of the office or on the bus but finding a little secluded place to have a quick boogie to some music can be the perfect therapy. My family have always said that growing up they knew if I was stressed out or unhappy because I wouldn't randomly break out into dance or song. Having these little moments really help shake the bad vibes away. 
Personal favourite: Taylor Swift - Shake it Off or Lizzo - Cuz I Love You


Take a few minutes and just focus on your breathing. In and Out. 
I find it helps to shut my eyes to do this and put on some soothing music in my headphones to block out the world. Just focussing on my breathing though clears my mind and those bad thoughts and feelings. 

Sweat it Out

Or Run it Out. Or Yoga it Out. Or Dog Walk it Out.
Running and exercising has become something I've fallen back in love with. Those endorphins do magical things that I'd forgotten about. 

Rachel Emily in a pink top and jeans outside a cream house with a blue door

Hug Away

If you have someone to hand. Give them a hug. 
Simple as that. I always find if theres no-one around then my dog, Ernie, is great at cuddles. 

Finally, remember...

It's a bad day and not a bad life and was it really a bad day or a bad five minutes that you focussed on all day? 

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