Tuesday 18 February 2020

Lifestyle // Being more sustainable in 2020

Rachel Emily posing in a wooden bar in a grey coat and pink scarf

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in daily life, that I forget about my impact on the bigger picture.

2019 was a year where Climate Change really was the issue on everyone's lips.
Greta was chosen as the Person of the Year.

Since last year's push, I've been thinking more and more about the small daily changes I can make to help save, or revive the planet. Starting with the smallest and easiest of changes while I build up to maybe something a little bigger.

Break Up With Plastic

I think we all have a guilty relationship with the wonder product that was plastic. But it's not quite so wonderous anymore now that it's clogging up our oceans, harming wildlife and sitting for hundreds of years doing nothing on our planet. 

Here are some of my small ways that I'm slowly trying to eliminate plastic. 

- Ditch plastic straws (link to eco straws)
- Embrace bamboo; Razors, Toothbrushes
- Use a tote bag instead of plastic
- Take my own water bottle (Swell Link) 


Recycling is something that I already do. But that I probably don't do enough. 
There are still some items that I've been carelessly throwing into the trash that had the potential to be recycled. 

For example the tops of pizza boxes. 
Now our collectors, refuse to take pizza boxes, because the cardboard is soiled. 
However, I now cut out the greasy bits and recycle the rest - and they take them.

For more information on what can and can't be recycled, nationally and locally, check out Recycle Now

Be a Little More Veggie (or Vegan)

Everyone has been talking recently about Game Changers on Netflix. 
While I haven't watched it and you always have to be conscious of the bias of the makers of documentaries such as this. I do think it's a great idea for everyone to be a little more considerate of their meaty intake. 

Now I'm not going to preach as far too many people do that already. But there are lots of great meat alternatives out there at the moment that should be considered. 

I'm starting with cutting out meat in most of my lunches and some of my evening meals as I tend not to eat meat for breakfast. This should mean too that I up my intake of veggies to fill me up which will only be good as I know I don't currently get enough.

Rachel Emily wearing ripped jeans, a grey check coat and mulberry handbag

Make Better Fashion Choices

I'll put my hands up and admit it. I make bad fashion choices. 
I get sucked into the mass-produced, cheap, poor quality adverts. Three T-shirts for £10. Great. 
The reality is it's not. They don't last and I have to throw them away just as quick as they came. 

I'm hoping to tackle my better fashion choices in three phases. 

1. Buy Less
2. Buy Sustainable
3. Recycle

Buy Less
Kinda does what it says on the tin. I'm aiming to buy less. 
Now this might save me money, but it might not. I might have to invest a little more money into things that are better quality and will last longer. 

Buy Sustainable
This might be buying and re-purposing from charity shops, second hand clothes or vintage. 
It might be to research brands that offer sustainable choices. I know that there are lots of brands now that make clothing from recycled bottles or have environmental initiatives that give back with each purchase. From my research I've decided to do an sustainable fashion series here on the blog to highlight across the year the brands that I find and love. 

I only found out recently that Oxfam will take any clothing through their WasteSaver initiative. 
Even if it's full of holes. If they can't sell it in one of their many shops, they recycle it and sell it on to recycling traders where the fibres and fabrics may get used in mattress stuffing or car soundproofing.

You can even donate bra's and they sell them on via Social Enterprises worldwide or issue them to smaller charities. In some countries, if a female is wearing a bra it's seen as a sign of wealth/money, and they are less likely to be sexually attacked. 

You can find out where your nearest donation point is here.

It doesn't have to stop at fashion either on this one You might have heard of food banks, well beauty banks exist too. They take in unwanted new beauty and personal care items and re-distribute them to people most in need. This could be someone living on the streets, people living in poverty or people taking refuge in shelters. At the time of writing this they are in need of body wash, deodorant, shampoo, face wash and many other products. So if like me you might have some spare items left from gift sets then you can donate these too.

You can send parcels to Beauty Banks via Collect+ for around £5. Drop off at a 'Beauty Spot'.
They've also partnered with Easho where you can shop for what they need if you want to help but have nothing unwanted to recycle by donating.

Rachel Emily smiling in a wooden bar in a grey coat and pink scarf

Have you pledged to be a little more sustainable this year? If so, are you doing any of the same things as me? If you're doing something different I'd love for you to leave a comment below and let me know. 

Also keep an eye out for my sustainability series which is kicking off in the next few weeks all about sustainable and ethical brands that you can indulge with and not feel guilty. 

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