Wednesday 21 March 2018

Fashion | Spring 2018 Trends You Need to Know

Landscape Title Image with Striped mules, white jeans and Tan heeled sandals infront of a mirror with reflection

So as I'm sat here writing this (Sunday) The Beast from the East 2.0 has just hit Bristol and outside it a snowy, slightly slushy, picture of white. If I'm honest I'm pretty bored of this cold weather now. I want spring flowers, warmer temperatures and blue skies. Most of all I want to be able to wear the spring clothes that I've been buying without risking my nipples slicing through them from the cold.


Sunday 18 March 2018

Wellbeing | Embracing the Yes

Copper & Black Letter Board with Yes in Multiple Languages with iphone 8, rose flower posy on a white desk

So I recently read The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle and it really got me thinking. Yes, it's chic-lit and an easy read but I love a book that can make me think at the same time. In the Book the main character is effectively challenged to say Yes to things. Things out of her comfort zone such as an entire weekend without internet, her phone or TV.


Tuesday 13 March 2018

Fashion | 5 Fashion Brands I'm Keeping My Eye on in 2018

Fashion Illustration in Pastel Colours, Primark Chanel Dupe shoes, Mirrored Tray with accessories flat lay

2018 is a year that I want to dedicate to more fashion on Rachel Emily. It's something I love and don't indulge in enough but I'm hoping this year that will change. I might even try my hand at Youtube again with some of my shopping sprees, hopefully now having a house will help this. I thought I'd share with you some of the brands that I'm keeping my eye on in 2018.

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Wellbeing | Digital Detox - 5 Places to Stop Using Your Phone

iPhone 8 Rose Gold, Flowers and Copper Photo Grid

One of my worst habits, bar my hideous road rage, is that I get addicted to constantly scrolling through my phone. I'm sure that lots of people can relate to this. We all just keep scrolling, scrolling and scrolling.
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