Sunday, 18 March 2018

Wellbeing | Embracing the Yes

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So I recently read The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle and it really got me thinking. Yes, it's chic-lit and an easy read but I love a book that can make me think at the same time. In the Book the main character is effectively challenged to say Yes to things. Things out of her comfort zone such as an entire weekend without internet, her phone or TV.

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I read the book just after new year and I realised that so many of us write new year resolutions to-don't lists. Where we pledge to stop doing things.

I'm going to give up chocolate/alcohol/smoking/any other vice.

It made me think. Why are we always restricting ourselves and saying No to things. Life should be about embracing new things, new challenges and new people.

Embracing the Yes.

Instead of saying no to chocolate, I'm going to say yes to trying new gym classes. That hot yoga class I've been wondering about I'm actually going to say a big fat yes to. If it doesn't work out, what's the worst that can happen? I will have 'wasted' 45 minutes getting sweaty in a room full of strangers. It really isn't that bad, and the time won't really be wasted because I'll stop pondering over the class. Who knows I might love it and become one of those people who post incredible yoga contortion poses in exotic locations on Instagram... or maybe I'll just improve my posture, fitness and flexibility.

I want 2018 to be my year without boundaries.

As part of my year of saying yes I'm going to embrace the classes that I've been looking at, embracing the Park Run, say yes to new adventures which come my way and I'm going to say yes to new foods. If you know me then you'll know that I pretty much order the same thing in every restaurant I go to and eat the same meals over and over again at home so this will be a biggie.

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What do you think about embracing the yes? What would you love to pledge to say yes to?

Other books which have got me thinking:
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