Tuesday 31 December 2019

Reflection // My Top Nine in Twenty-Nineteen

Rachel Emily en pointe in a black tutu in front of a christmas tree ballet - Rachel Emily Blog

It feels surreal that I'm sat here at the end of 2019 looking ahead to a whole year and a whole new decade.

In last years post, the outtakes of 2018, I highlighted some of the amazing things I'd done in the year and I really enjoyed reading it back earlier today and thinking how busy each new year seems to be. I also felt a real sense of pride at the things I'd achieved.

This years post will be a little bit of reflection (again), along with some more outtakes. Like every single year, there have been some lows and some high points but I like to focus on the positive but remind myself that without the low's the high's wouldn't feel so special and good.

So to start with some of the high's, here are my Instagram Top Nine, because not only were these photos your favourites along with some of mine, they also captured some great moments of 2019.

Rachel Emily's Top Nine of 2019 - Rachel Emily Blog

The shoot that photos 01 and 07 are from was probably the most fun shoot I've done with the amazing Kayleigh and despite the strange looks I learnt to not care quite so much about what people think.

Photo 02 was snapped super quick on the beach in Mexico, and it had to be super quick because we had wandered into the posher part of our hotel that we weren't meant to be in.. but I just needed my Special K red bikini moment!

Photo 06 was a couple of days after I chopped my hair, which turned out to be one of the great decisions of the year, and I was so nervous about it. Then I got compared to Holly Willoughby at the M&S launch of her collection with them and it gave me that little boost I think I needed.

Rachel Emily's Top Nine Highlights of 2019 - Rachel Emily Blog

Looking back on the past 365 days below are what I'd pull out as my Top Nine highlights.

01 - My gorgeous little Niece, Megan, entered the world
02 - I saw the Amsterdam tulip fields, went skiing, explored Berlin and visited the Caribbean twice
03 - I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands
04 - We hosted some amazing Influencer Collective events
05 - I was lucky enough to attend some gorgeous weddings.
06 - We got Wimbledon Centre Court Tickets
07 - I saw the spice girls live! (Plus lots of other amazing live artists)
08 - Ernie turned 1!
09 - I achieved a merit in my first ever ballet exam (Grade 3 ISTD)

I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do so many amazing things with so many wonderful and inspirational people and I can only hope that continue's into 2020. If you want to know what I have planned for 2020 then you'll have to wait for the next few posts!

Rachel Emily Top Nine Outtakes of 2019 - Rachel Emily Blog

Last year I pledged for my main goal to be to focus on me, with a few mini goals on the side. Because everyone loves sides right?

Well I think overall I did well on the focus on me goal for the first 6-7 months of the year and then in August it just completely fell away. I ended up, stressed, sick and a shell of a human by the beginning of December.

My mini goals were;

- to give up alcohol until skiing - Gold Star, I passed this with flying colours
- to exercise a minimum of 3 times a week - I'm giving myself a bronze star for this because which I didn't achieve it I certainly was more active than so many previous years
- have 3 no spend days a week - Silver Star, the only downfall was that on days I spent, I spent far too much!
- To do Yoganuary - Fail.
- 5k Instagram followers - Fail
- 100k impressions on Pinterest - Gold Star

While I did fail a few, I've certainly learnt that I can be at times over ambitious but I also can give up too easily. All points where I've learnt something so it's definitely not a true failure.

And Finally...

I'd just like to take this time now to thank you guys and every single person who has supported me, my instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Youtube etc for the year. It really does mean a lot even it was one like on one post. I do this as a hobby and an escape, but I still put a lot of passion and effort into it so it really does mean the world.

So Thank You. 

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