Rachel Emily holding the Mango Basket Bag Tan

If there's one thing I can't resist each summer it's a woven/straw/wicker bag. 
Rachel Emily posing on a Rainbow stripe dock and bay towel in a palm print Shein swimsuit with zip front.

I know I said it in my last post. But how is it June already?
Rachel Emily wearing a v-neck patterned swimsuit and a light blue denim shirt

How is it June tomorrow?
Rachel Emily in a sequin top with a large Zara online delivery parcel

It's official. My 5pm secret is out. Its a HUGE giveaway.

It's day three and my bank account hates me. I just can't stop shopping.
Maybe I just feel the need to do my bit to keep the economy going in all this doom and gloom news.

It turns out after yesterday's post. It's not just me feeling these quarantine shopping urges.
Is it just me, or is isolation really intensifying shopping urges?
A delicious loaf of chocolate chip banana bread loaf cut with a nice crumb

Everybody is baking banana bread.
Or so it seems.

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