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Every season there is a hero print. Summer was all about the polka dot and now that the skies have turned grey and the winds have changed there's a new print in town and it's taking over. It's official, animal print is BIG this season.
Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

Getting a Personal Trainer (PT) was something that I considered for years. I uhm'ed and ah'ed back and forth trying to push myself to take the plunge. If I'm brutally honest, I didn't think it would be worth the money. But I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong.

I was wrong.
5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog

I know I'm not alone when I write the words a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I even have a t-shirt that reads 'nothing to wear'. Oh the irony.

I have a particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long shopping career. Skills that mean I can justify the purchase of practically anything. I could probably justify the purchase of a new pair of shoes even if I didn't have feet.
Rachel Emily with Rainbow Umbrella in front of Pastel Rainbow Houses

Life is a bit of a strange one. One area of your life can be going well while another area gets hit with a wrecking ball.

This is what has happened to me recently with some bad news. As a result my mood seems to be suffering with whiplash. One minute I feel like I'm on top of the world and the next my mood swings and I'm floating around rock bottom.

To combat these giant swings, I've learnt of 7 ways that I can instantly improve my mood for my own sanity and that of the people around me.
Primark Blue Floral Wrap Midi Dress with Cult Gaia Dupe Bamboo Bag from PrettyLittleThing

Every season there is an IT item that everybody just can't get enough of. Shops try to restock as quick as they can and shoppers are desperate to get their mitts on it. This season though I think there is one item out there that has been underestimated. The dark horse of the summer. The midi dress.

Pink Energy balls on wood board in pink bamboo bowl

In my quest to replace some of my less healthy eating choices with healthier options I stumbled across energy balls. I mean who wouldn't want a little energy pick me up in the form of a snack?

My struggle though was real when finding a recipe that worked for me as so many recipes featured either peanut butter, almonds or walnuts and using substitutes I couldn't seem to get the balls the right consistency to stay as balls.

After much kitchen experimentation I have found a combination which works. It has oats for energy, no refined sugars and protein to help fuel your muscles. The taste fresh and will leave you wanting 'just one more'.
Rachel Emily with Scarf Ponytail Hairstyle in Primark Bonjour Tee in Clifton, Bristol

The scarf ponytail is my new go-to summer hairstyle. It looks chic, fun and on-trend while sweeping your hair back off your face, which is a dream in the current heatwave. What's even better is that the length of your hair doesn't matter and your ponytail goes from an average 6 to a strong 9 within seconds.

Wimbledon Allium Purple and Green Flowers of the grounds

It's nearly the end of the first week of Wimbledon and I am so excited. Wimbledon is my thing. Well mine & my mums. Each year we try and go, and after missing out last year I am twice as excited for this year. These are my friday fix picks for July in Wimbledon white.  

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