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So, I hate to say it but summer is coming to an end.

As a summer person I struggle with this concept but it's only 15 more Wednesday's until Christmas.

Rachel Emily wearing a rainbow Maya Deluxe Sequin Dress and Graduation Hat - Rachel Emily Blog

Hello Strangers.

Rachel Emily sat on a fence in matching green running gear

I'm going to throw this out there. I'm not a solo runner. 
I can run solo and I do run solo but it's not where my running 'buzz' comes from. 
Rachel Emily holding the Mango Basket Bag Tan

If there's one thing I can't resist each summer it's a woven/straw/wicker bag. 
Rachel Emily posing on a Rainbow stripe dock and bay towel in a palm print Shein swimsuit with zip front.

I know I said it in my last post. But how is it June already?
Rachel Emily wearing a v-neck patterned swimsuit and a light blue denim shirt

How is it June tomorrow?
Rachel Emily in a sequin top with a large Zara online delivery parcel

It's official. My 5pm secret is out. Its a HUGE giveaway.

It's day three and my bank account hates me. I just can't stop shopping.
Maybe I just feel the need to do my bit to keep the economy going in all this doom and gloom news.

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