Tuesday 1 September 2020

A Little Welcome Back & Life Update

Rachel Emily wearing a rainbow Maya Deluxe Sequin Dress and Graduation Hat - Rachel Emily Blog

Hello Strangers.

Welcome back. It's nice to have you here again reading posts and it's really nice to be writing them again. 

I think it's a huge understatement to say that 2020 has been a rollercoaster year. With that rollercoaster I needed to take a little space, collect my thoughts, recharge my energy and find some of my lost mojo.

Since I've 'properly' blogged, I've graduated university with a first class honours degree, I've started my professional chartership, I've been hacked online and I've started a major project at work. It's all a little crazy. 

Rachel Emily wearing a rainbow Maya Deluxe Sequin Dress and Graduation Hat - Rachel Emily Blog

Looking ahead, September is going to be the month of regeneration for the blog. I have lots of content planned and prepared which I can't wait to share with you. It will focus on mainly lifestyle, fitness and fashion but with a few good recipes and beauty buys thrown in for good measure. I plan to share my experience with you of completing my degree part-time alongside a full time job, how I got hacked and what I did about it, how I'm dealing with financial anxiety at the moment, reviving my sustainability series, along with my favourite pieces for transitioning to Autumn Winter. 

The aim is for 2 posts a week alongside content for Instagram which will be more real-time and some fun TikTok adventures. I'm looking to start a TikTok series of iconic music video's to recreate snippets from. All suggestions for this are welcome, either DM me on Insta, comment on TikTok or comment below! So far I've done Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce. 


Just casually answering the telephone. ##telephonechallenge ##telephone ##rapidsongschallenge ##fyp ##makethisviral

♬ Telephone - rapidsongs

Here's to the return of the blog! 

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