Sunday 31 May 2020

Fashion // Sunday Update & ASOS Top Picks

Rachel Emily wearing a v-neck patterned swimsuit and a light blue denim shirt

How is it June tomorrow?

I feel like lockdown feels like it's been going on forever, but also that we shouldn't be entering June tomorrow. Lockdown has been a strange time, my thoughts on this will be coming to the blog soon, and actually I've been experiencing lockdown burnout/exhaustion. And now I have a tooth playing up which is causing lots of pain and sleepless nights with getting treatment seeming pretty difficult until a few weeks time.

But. I'm not here to moan.

One thing lockdown has taught me is that there is a positive to be found in everything.
My bad tooth has meant that to distract myself from the pain, I've discovered the TV series of Dynasty on Netflix and I've been super productive with getting things done.

I've also realised that my current wardrobe isn't filled with pieces that I love or reflect me any more.
So I'm in the process of carefully choosing items that I think will succeed in bringing me much more joy whilst starting to clear out what doesn't.

In light of that, ASOS have 20% off tonight between 7pm-9pm BST with the code TWENTYOFF.
So here are my favourite pieces from there that might just so happen to make their way into my basket tonight.

I hope you're Sunday is going well, and bring on June!

I've now finished uni so I'm hoping to have some extra time to give my blog some more attention so watch this space.
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