Sunday 5 January 2020

Fitness // The London Marathon Journey - Part 2

Rachel Emily in a Pink Jacket leaning over exhausted in the road

I'm still trying to work out if the marathon gods were being cruel or kind when I got my rejection letter through in the post last October. 
It was my third rejection and while I was the most prepared out of all three years to run it... I was probably still massively under-prepared. 

Now since Part One of my Marathon Journey was posted, there has been what I would call strong progress with my running.

I completed the Sole Sisters 6 week beginners course and completed my first Park Run (5k). 
And I did my park run without stopping; 34 minutes and 19 seconds. 
Only 6 weeks earlier did it take me 22 minutes and 16 seconds to run 1.14km, and there were lots of stops. 

I've since joined Sole Sisters and become a full member. I have my own t-shirt and everything. I've moved up to the 4 mile group each week. I've also made some great friends. 

I've signed up to the Bristol 10k in May. Hopefully some of my said running friends will be joining me for this too. 

If I can do the 10k in May then I will have run nearly a quarter of the marathon distance. 

Rachel Emily in a Pink Jacket Running in the Road

What's the new plan? 

I'm hoping that by the end of February I'll have the confidence and courage to move up to the 5 mile group at club, then the 6 mile group by end of April ready for the 10k race in early may. 

That is the primary goal at the moment. 

By the 10k chances are I will have thrown my name carelessly into the ballot again for the London Marathon, but if I can maintain training i'll be in a much better position come October when the results are out again. 

There is the Bristol Half Marathon at the end of September.... which might tempt me. Or the Bath Half will be the following March. Again, very tempting. 

Rachel Emily Stretching Out after a run in a pink jacket

Current Thoughts...

It turns out I do really like running. Which wasn't what I thought when I tried the Couch to 5k programme/app. 

It turns out that my biggest downfall is actually getting my bum off the sofa and out running. Plus I need the accountability of meeting other people to really push myself. If I'm by myself I stop, where I'm left to my own thoughts and feelings. In our group runs. we chat and gossip all the way and before I know it we've already gone further than I thought. 

If you want to follow my progress, there is Instagram and now Strava

If you're Bristol-based, and a female, then I cannot recommend Sole Sisters enough. Their next beginners course starts on the 6th January for £15. More details are on their website
If not, most areas have a great running club. Have a bit of a research and commit. 

Rachel Emily using Strava

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