Wednesday 25 September 2019

Fitness | The London Marathon Journey - Part 1

Fitness | The London Marathon Journey - Part 1 - Rachel Emily running in Portishead Marina

Now you may be right in thinking if you've been reading my posts for a while... i'm sure this all sounds familiar. And you'd be totally right.

This is now the 3rd time I've put my name in the ballot for the London Marathon, despite not being a runner at all.

Why Sign Up To A Marathon?

Every year, for the past few years, I watch the London Marathon at home, on the sofa, with lots of cake and refreshments and listen to the inspirational stories of the people running. No effort involved.

From Ken Jones the oldest competitor at 85 years old taking on his 39th Marathon in 2019 to my friend Lucy who ran for Shelter. The fact that so many amazing people take on the challenge is inspirational. And every year I want to earn that status and do something to help.

As mentioned in last years post about this, I'm better known for running a bath then putting on my trainers and doing a physical run. So the task of getting round 26.2 miles is a big one. I tried to do couch to 5k last year and while it was a good app, my lack of knowledge on the subject of running and my own inability to motivate myself to get out and run the in rain let me down and I ended up with an injury - not that I was successful in the ballot.

This year we are just over 2 weeks out I believe from the ballot results being issued and I have only just started preparing. Three weeks ago I joined my local ladies running club, Sole Sisters, on their 6 week beginners course which by the end should mean I can run 5k which in marathon terms is just short of 12% of the distance of the marathon.

Fitness | The London Marathon Journey - Part 1 - Rachel Emily sitting in Portishead harbour in blue and purple running gear

So... What's the Plan

Well the first step in the plan is to complete the beginners running course. By the end of the course I'll know if I have to work my butt, and feet, off to achieve the other 88% of the distance by April. 

If I get the place, then my aim is to be able to do 10k by the beginning of December - 24% achieved. 
Then 15k by the start of January - 36% achieved. Between the 5k to 10k there are 6 weeks and then 5 between 10k and 15k which I think is achievable. 

Then most 'marathon training plans' start on January 1st for London across the 16 weeks until the big event and i'm hoping to join the marathon training group at Sole Sisters if they have one as I find i'm much more committed if I book myself in to turn up. 

Bath Half Marathon is just before London and i'm toying with the idea of using it to get used to actually taking part in a race as I've never done this and it should be a good distance at that point in the plan to do. 

The Kit

Now until I know if I have my place and that i'm super committed to the marathon I'm not going to be splashing out the big bucks on all the new gear with literally no idea. Mainly because I don't have the big bucks - last month I had £2.39 in my bank account before pay day. 

If I do get my place my biggest investment is going to be trainers. I've already encountered shin splints and my running coach Roni has magically got rid of them just by showing me a different way to tie my shoes. But I know that good shoes, specifically suited to your feet and running style can make or break you. I can't choose the prettiest pink and blue ones if they aren't right however much i'd like to. 

Fitness | The London Marathon Journey - Part 1 - Rachel Emily sitting in Portishead Marina in Fabletics blue running leggings and a Purple work out top


Now if I'm doing this, I'm not just doing it for the self-gratification. I have the opportunity to raise some money that could go a long way to helping others. 

I always thought the decision to choose a charity would be easy as when I entered the ballot for the first time I already knew who I wanted to run for. A small local charity called Survive who worked towards freedom from domestic abuse, who actually helped me a few years before. Unfortunately, the charity had a cut in funding and on April 24th 2018 closed down. 

My decision is now requiring a lot more thought and there are so many amazing and worthy causes. My family has been affected by multiple cancer's including bowel and breast, dementia and rare disease so finding something close to my heart should be easy, but each one has their own story and merit. 

The Waiting Game

So all I can do for now is wait, run three times a week as part of my beginners course, and see. 

If you want to follow my marathon journey, if i'm successful, make sure to subscribe to the mailing list in the sidebar and follow me on the blog and instagram for regular updates. 

Wish me luck!

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