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Fitness | Investing in a Personal Trainer

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

Getting a Personal Trainer (PT) was something that I considered for years. I uhm'ed and ah'ed back and forth trying to push myself to take the plunge. If I'm brutally honest, I didn't think it would be worth the money. But I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong.

I was wrong.

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

What I didn't realise is that when you get a personal trainer you're not just paying someone to shout at you and make you do the work. You're investing in a fountain of knowledge.

My PT, Soeli, is a little bit like wonder woman. She can tell when my body is near it's limit, probably better than I do. When I want to give up, she knows I can push further. She knows exactly the right times when I need encouragement. She knows about nutrition that my body needs and what it doesn't. She knows about physiotherapy and how I can recover to benefit me the most.

It isn't just all 'Give me 10 Burpees' - although there is a little bit of that involved.

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

Now I worked out a couple of years ago that I didn't seem to have the motivation to just take myself to the gym when planned and I still get that. I always do more, and more worthwhile exercise when I have a class or a gym-date with a friend booked. Now having a PT makes sure I'm exercising every week. When a session doesn't happen I now feel the need to fill that void with a run, a gym visit or a class - another benefit that surprised me with getting a PT.

Now before I started my sessions I did have a little gym gear haul, as basically for the last 5 years this has been the motivation to get me to the gym. New shorts, well I have to go wear them. New leggings, well I guess I better go again.

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

This blue set from Hunkemoller is one of my favourites, even if the top is still a smidge too small at the moment, because it's bright, it makes me feel energetic at 6.30 in the morning when I put it on and I can see the progress I've made already. The fabric is great to work out in. No uncomfortable seams and no low-rise leggings that droop after one squat. I guess you couldn't ask for much more.

It's part of the collaboration with gorgeous blogger babe Xenia Overdose where I could have added pretty much everything to my bag and checked out if only my bank account had allowed. Other favourite pieces from the range included this amazing mesh shirt, the level 1 sports bra and the Velvet sports jacket.

Fitness | Getting a Personal Trainer - Rachel Emily Blog

While I can't see a huge different in the numbers on the scales after my first 8 PT sessions I can feel the difference when I put my clothes on and in my physical fitness overall. It feels great to know that the hard work both me and Soeli have put in is paying off.

Have you ever considered PT sessions? I'd love to know. I can't believe I didn't bit the bullet and discover them sooner.

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