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Fashion | 5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop

5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog

I know I'm not alone when I write the words a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I even have a t-shirt that reads 'nothing to wear'. Oh the irony.

I have a particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long shopping career. Skills that mean I can justify the purchase of practically anything. I could probably justify the purchase of a new pair of shoes even if I didn't have feet.

5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog

I regularly scroll through the ASOS new in section like it's my instagram or twitter feed and anything I like, need for it or not, goes into my saved items. Or they used to. Now I look at the cost, materials, quality all as part of my rules for shopping.

My rules have majorly helped me from making excessive and unnecessary purchases over the last couple of years and while I do still make mistakes, as everyone does, my wardrobe is a much easier place to find an outfit and my bank account is a little happier too.

Two of my shopping rules split my wardrobe into two key categories; trend-led pieces and classics.
This makes it easier to have a versatile wardrobe while the other three rules focus on making sure items don't sit in my wardrobe never to be worn with the labels on.

5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog

Trend Bargains

If I want to embrace a seasonal trend I tend to hunt for lower-budget versions as in 4 months time the trend may have passed and it will sit in the back of my wardrobe until the next trend cycle comes around, or until the moths get it. Primark always have some cracking trend-led pieces each season, sometimes for less than you're daily Starbucks coffee and New Look are another high-street contender for on-trend statement pieces. 

Quality over Quantity

Not only does this rule help you keep your wardrobe from bursting open and save on storage space but it stops you from buying items which will look cheap and shabby after a couple of washes. I prioritise this rule as number 1 when choosing classic pieces for my wardrobe. Pieces such as the classic trench coat, plain white tee, black/white jeans, Breton tops and luxury handbags. High quality key pieces not only last so much longer, they also make your outfits look more expensive and high-end because quality can be your most luxurious accessory.

5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog


Cost-per-wear for me is a rule which has changed my shopping habits drastically. It kinda plays on considering trend bargains and quality over quantity in a new rule. That Mulberry handbag or Valentino shoes you've had your eye on might seem out of reach but when you consider cost-per-wear they are actually really good value for money. My Mulberry Bayswater handbag was £795, I've used it probably well over 500 times in the 7 years I've had it. That makes a cost per wear of less than £2 per outing which I would call great value for money. 

Fits like a Glove

This one can be brutal but a saviour at the same time.

If it don't fit. Don't buy it.

I used to have SO many items in my wardrobe that I used to buy because I thought I could make the fit work, or safety pin here and there and it would be fine. It often wasn't fine. Trying to go to the loo in a body that you've safety pinned to your underwear to keep in place because it was slightly short in length will traumatise you to the point that you don't want to wear it again.

5 Rules to Follow Every Time You Shop; Rachel-Emily Blog


If you're not 100% comfortable or feel confident in an item then chances are you won't really wear it no matter how much you love it. I have tops that I love in theory but are a little too low cut, or don't suit my body shape that as soon as I put them on, I take them straight back off again and wear something else. If it isn't comfortable then it's got to go. no matter how pretty.

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