Saturday 18 August 2018

Lifestyle | 7 Ways to Improve your Mood

Rachel Emily with Rainbow Umbrella in front of Pastel Rainbow Houses

Life is a bit of a strange one. One area of your life can be going well while another area gets hit with a wrecking ball.

This is what has happened to me recently with some bad news. As a result my mood seems to be suffering with whiplash. One minute I feel like I'm on top of the world and the next my mood swings and I'm floating around rock bottom.

To combat these giant swings, I've learnt of 7 ways that I can instantly improve my mood for my own sanity and that of the people around me.

Rachel Emily outside pretty pastel blue houses in Bristol


For me going for a walk can clear my mind of negativity and help me see a new perspective simply by getting me up and doing something and by taking me somewhere new. Currently I love walking along the small stream near our house which is filled with dog walkers and runners. Being away from the traffic and houses seems to help me think straight and get my thoughts in check.


This is something I maybe wouldn't have tried had it not been for my Apple Watch. Once a day it encourages me to take the time to breathe and release built up energy and stress from my body. There's obviously a reason yoga tells you to focus on breathing. Really focus on the exhale. 


Exercise is something I've been really throwing myself into recently. And it's not only because I want to feel more confident in myself before my next holiday. There is something so satisfying and mood-boosting about just focusing on pushing your body to it's limits and feeling the hard work the next day too. Scientifically exercise also releases endorphins which is proven to trigger positive feelings across your body and relieve stress and ultimately boost your mood. 

Rachel Emily in front of pastel coloured houses smiling with a pale blue VW Campervan


This might sound a little crazy but I find if I'm at home and feeling low having a good tidy, clean or de-clutter helps to tidy my mind too.

Eat Well

I didn't realise until recently how much food could improve my mood. At first changing my diet to be more mindful and full of healthier choices was hard because my body just didn't like giving up all the not so great for you foods but now I'm on the other side I can completely tell the difference, in my body and in my mind. 


This might seem obvious but just by thinking of something positive that always makes you smile will instantly put you in a better mood and bring a smile to your face. It might not be the most permanent boost but it will help you get on the right track. 

Listen to a Feel Good Playlist

I have a playlist of songs which are guaranteed to get me dancing around, if that's what I can call it, and singing along. One of my top recommendations is Feeling Good, preferred in the Michael Buble or Nina Simone version. It might be an obvious choice but it works. 

Rachel Emily with bright rainbow umbrella twirling in Cliftonwood, Bristol

Rachel Emily Posing in front of Cliftonwood, Bristol Pastel coloured houses

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