Fitness | Gym Motivation & My Workout Playlist

The gym is a place where, like many, I have a love-hate relationship. Once I'm there I enjoy the buzz of working out and feeling like I'm achieving something but finding the time to go and also jumping over the biggest hurdle for me that is actually going has meant that I just don't go enough. Last year I spent £19.98 per month to go about 12 times throughout the year - not very money savvy I know but I just couldn't bring myself to cancel because what if? What if I really fancy going? What if I really want to go swimming?

It's fair to say I'm not brilliant with my fitness regime. This is where my shiny new and cheaper gym comes into play. As of the beginning of January my employer started offering an employee benefit where they contribute to a gym membership for me as an employee so I only have to pay half the price I was previously paying. Not only am I now saving money but my new gym is brand spanking new, and provides me with so much more than my ex, yes i'm classing this as a break up - we just drifted apart. My new gym has a jacuzzi, steam room, USB charging lockers, a pool plus all the fitness equipment you could ever desire. The bad habit of my new gym is all my colleagues being there too. Nobody wants to look sweaty and a dishevelled mess in front of their boss. However, I'm proud to say I now have a shiny new piece of plastic with a bad picture in my purse that calls me a member. If a new gym wasn't motivation enough to start going I've also thought i'd share a few other motivation tips for anyone considering falling off the new year gym/fitness bandwagon along with a playlist with some of my favourite and most cheesy songs for the working out.

Top 4 Motivations for the gym:

Get a gym buddy
Well with all my new gym buddies (read: work colleagues) this shouldn't be hard, maybe I will do cycle with Simon, body pump with Claire or do a HIIT work out with that really nice lady from accounts. The only time I used to regularly go to the gym was when I had a bi-weekly gym date with a friend, it provided so much motivation to actually get me there over hating standing people up. I just hope my new gym buddies are ready for me. 

Invest in some new attire
My logic here is that if I buy some new gym clothes then I need to go to the gym to get my money's worth all while looking stylish in the gym. I find the scrutiny in some gyms, cough ex gym cough, from the other members when you turn up in a t-shirt with holes and joggers can be overwhelming sometimes with the indirect glares, making me want to just go home, admit defeat and chill out with my friends Ben & Jerry. 

Here are a few of my favourite gym picks out there at the moment:

Sports Top // Trainers // Glitter Leggings // Arm Band // Sports Bra

Find what works for you
You are never going to be motivated at the gym if you hate what you are doing. I'm a firm believer that there is an exercise for everyone. Personally I like classes (when I know other people), swimming, cycling and body work such as sit ups. I dislike running and anything similar to running. 

Make a gym playlist
Gym music tries too hard to cater to everyone and often doesn't match what you're doing at the right time. Depending on what I'm doing I want music to suit, however that being said below I have compiled a gym playlist that is guaranteed to getting me moving and singing for all occasions. I'm not even sorry for it's cheesiness. 

Eye of the tiger is the perfect song to get me in the mood to work out while I warm up. I have images of me as Rocky about to kick some ass. Follow that with physical by O-N-J and I'm set to go. Cardio is accompanied with upbeat pop songs with catchy lyrics I can get lost in such as Hot in Herre and Burn before homage is paid to fifty cent when I challenge myself to upside down sits ups to In da Club, okay I might have made the upside-down bit up but I always imagine. I then like to finish with some more chilled songs and I always feel that I've accomplished something when I hear 'This girl is on fiiiiire'

What are your motivations for going to the gym and/or working out? Do you have any pre/post gym rituals? What are your favourite songs to exercise to? I'd love to know!

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