Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Fashion // Sustainability Series Part 1; Veja

Rachel Emily wearing white Veja Esplar sneakers with a black polka dot dress and a black jumper smiling

Welcome to Part One of my sustainability series.

The idea behind the series was that this year I want to step away from "fast fashion" and move into making better shopping choices.

The first brand I'm going to feature in this series is one that I've owned for over a year now and that's Veja.

Rachel Emily wearing white Veja Esplar sneakers at Bristol Harbourside

Now I'm not going to lie, I first discovered Veja through my crush on Meghan Markle but they are a brand I can fully get behind. The word Veja itself is Brazilian for 'look' supporting the brands ethos to look beyond the sneaker.

The idea behind a pair of Veja is that you can stand up with one foot in design and one foot in social responsibility. They design their sneakers to stand the test of time; to be classic styles that you will want to wear for years to come.

Haven't heard of them before? Well they don't advertise. They rely on collective intelligence to sell their shoes. This also means that they don't have brand ambassadors and this post is in no way sponsored, paid for or in collaboration with them. I just love the brand and want to share.

My first pair of Veja shoes were the exact ones Meghan Markle wore* and Jim kindly sourced them for my birthday last year. I think it was quite a mission as they had practically sold out everywhere. But he was a warrior.

Rachel Emily wearing White Veja Esplar sneakers with a black spring dress and jumper

For my next pair, I'm looking into investing in a pair of Veja running shoes; providing I can find somewhere to try them on and check they are right for my gait and running style.
Did you know that 99% of running shoes on the market are comprised of plastics?
Well Veja's Condor shoe* is 53% natural-based and recycled including wild rubber; rice waste; banana oil; sugar cane and recycled plastic bottles.

Along with using sustainable materials, the brand is all about transparency. You can even see their quotes online for producing in China v Brazil.

Spoiler: it's 3 times cheaper to produce in China but it's not socially and environmentally responsible to do so, so they don't.

They also have online all about how they work to fairtrade guidelines, work directly with producers, upcycle and recycle, use renewable energy sources for power and their re-integration mission.

Quite frankly they are one sustainable powerhouse to start this series off with.

Here are some of my favourite items from their range to shop*:

What are your favourite sustainable brands? Had you heard of Veja before?

Keep an eye out for April's Sustainability Series post for Sustainable Swimwear.

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