Tuesday 17 March 2020

Wellbeing // Social Distancing

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Social Distancing.
One of the most mentioned terms right now after Coronavirus and probably just before Herd Immunity.

"Social Distancing is a step you can take to reduce the social interaction between people. This will help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19)"

This includes working from home where possible.
Not attending gatherings that may put yourself or others at risk.
It's about reducing the frequency of your social interactions, and where possible putting distance between yourself and others. Maybe stand a little further away when meeting in person and avoid hugging and shaking hands to greet.

Now, I understand that not everyone will be able to embrace social distancing. I have family members and friends who work for the NHS or in crucial services such as banks and the emergency services. Being able to stay home, or work from home, is a privilege that not everyone is able to do.

The current government guidelines is that is you are at increased risk then you should be "particularly stringent" and if you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 then you need to self-isolate, not just socially distance yourself. Full Government Guidelines can be found here.

As a person who can be extrovert when required but is also very much an introvert at heart here are my hacks to find balance and positivity in this crazy time whilst socially distancing or isolating yourself.


I have SO many books on my list to read. Currently on my Kindle is Jog On by Bella Mackie. I started it on holiday before christmas and I haven't managed to find any time since to pick it back up. I'm desperate to do so and to read my ever growing list of reads. Here are a few below*:

Jog On; Bella Mackie
Everything I know about Love; Dolly Alderton
How do you like me now; Holly Bourne
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck; Mark Manson
The Testaments; Margaret Atwood
One of Us is Lying; Karen McManus
The Insecure Girls Handbook; Liv Purvis
Open; Frankie Bridge

Rachel Emily at home with Ernie a French Bulldog


For me this is definitely something I will be doing. I have a dissertation deadline in two weeks and possibly exams at the end of April into May so I will 100% be taking this extra time to knuckle down with my studies. If you're not at Uni, you can still learn though. Learn a new skill, a recipe, a language... the possibilities are endless.


YouTube is great for teaching yourself how to do things. From skills like knitting and other crafts to how to tile or do fix things at home. The possibilities are endless. I learnt from YouTube how to unblock my washing machine, how to safely put up a shelf - Yes I YouTubed this - to ballet progression videos.


I started using Duolingo last year to help me achieve a bucket list goal of learning another language. It's a great free app to get you into it with fun 'game' style activities. It also encourages you to listen to the pronouciations, speak it back and write/type it. I went for Spanish but you could choose from over 30 languages including Chinese, French, Italian, Welsh and even Klingon and High Valyrian. 

Organise & Declutter

Embrace your inner Marie Condo and get rid of anything that doesn't bring you Joy. Especially as at the moment we all need a little more Joy around the place.

Here are some methods for Decluttering:
- The Rule of Four; Take four boxes or bags and label them as bin, charity, keep and sell then simply fill them with items. Maybe start in one room and progress as they fill up to another.
- Hanger Challenge; Turn all of the hangers in your wardrobe the wrong way round. If at the end of the season/year they are still the wrong way round where you haven't worn the item then it should go. Unless of course it's something incredibly special.
- Five Minute Pick Up; Set a timer and just go about and tidy anything that isn't in it's rightful place in the 5 minutes. It's quick and it's easy.
- The 90/90 Rule; Have you used it in the past 90 days? Will you use it in the next 90 days? If not, then it should go, again unless it's sentimental.

Fancy a break? Marie Condo is on Netflix too for some inspiration.

Don't just stop at material things either. Organise your finances. Check you're on the best rate for your bills and getting a good deal. At the moment the economy is going to likely suffer as a result of COVID-19 so make sure you are confident about your money being spent wisely.

Rachel Emily at Home Reading


Similar to the above. Get a head start on that spring clean. 
The lighter days will now show all those marks and dust that the shorter winter days hid from us. 
Plus an extra clean right now can only be beneficial. 

Fancy some cleaning inspiration or tips? Head to the below instagram accounts: 
MrsHinch; the original insta cleaning guru
DevotedToPink; Hilarious and some great tips along with fashion too
CleanMama; daily inspo to maintain your clean home
HouseToHomeAtLast; lots of great cleaning tips and gorgeous home styling

Work Out

Endorphins make us happy. 
Why not use this extra time to work on you at home. 
YouTube have so many good home workouts or there are subscription services such as BeachBody on Demand that you could invest in. Just 30-40 minutes each day could really benefit your mental and physical health. Plus there is a programme for everyone. I've been doing BarreBlend at home (subscription to BeachBody) to help with fitness for ballet and I'm determined to finish but I've been adding in yoga from Cat Meffan on YouTube


If you have the stuff. Why not make those home improvements you've probably been putting off like me happen? I'm planning on spending these social distancing weekends painting the new fence in the garden, planting some new flowers, decorating the bathroom.... oh my list goes on. 
Where I might normally be out for brunch, i'm actually going to get shit done. Then when we can socialise again I'll be even more proud to host people. 

Let me know if you do any of the above in the comments below. Together we can get through this.

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