Wednesday 23 August 2017

Cocktail Recipe | On Wednesday's We Drink Pink Gin

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe Duo with Sorbet

Recently I have had major urges to watch films from my teens including Princess Diaries, John Tucker Must Die and Mean Girls. I'm not sure what it is that is giving me these urges, hormones maybe? The forever changing weather? Or potentially just a need for some girly indulgence where I can sit and recite the entire film.

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

In a bid to make it all feel a little bit more 'adult' I thought I'd have a cocktail, or two, whilst watching. I'd heard a rumour about a new Limited Edition Pink Gin from Gordon's but after looking for it a fair few times I had decided it was mythical. Then the day after watching mean girls I went down to my local Tesco and there it was. It was also a Wednesday. It was like Mean Girls destiny had brought us together. In honour of this mythical creature calling to me I thought I would create a cocktail that Regina George would be proud of. The best thing of it all? It's actually really simple.

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe with Tropical Background

Ingredients (per cocktail serving)

25ml Pink Gin
1/2 Glass of Prosecco
1/2 Glass of Lemonade
1 Scoop Raspberry Sorbet
Strawberries to garnish

The Mixing Method

Overall it's really simple to 'mix'. First you add a single serving of the pink gin to your glass. Then proceed to pour an equal 50/50 split of prosecco and lemonade until the glass is almost full. Pop a strawberry or two on your glass to garnish and then add a scoop of raspberry sorbet right in the middle and watch it fizz and foam. My preferred method to finish is to add a bright pink rose petal to add in that Instagrammable touch.

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe Sorbet Fizz

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe Two Drinks with Tropical Background

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe View From Above with Roses

This is probably my favourite cocktail that I have made in a long time. It even beats my elderflower gin fizz. The pink gin has flavours of strawberry and raspberry to sweeten it and a hint of redcurrant to add a little tang to it this works really well with the sweetness of the prosecco, hint of citrus in the lemonade and the sour bite of the sorbet. The real danger is that it's so delicious that it's more than easy to forget that it's alcoholic. 

Now it's nearly bank holiday which to me is the perfect time for gin cocktails and hopefully some sunshine.

What are your plans for Bank Holiday? I'd love to know if you try the cocktail and what you think.

Gordons Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

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