Saturday, 14 March 2020

Wellbeing // Visiting Thermae Bath Spa

Rachel Emily on the Rooftop Pool at Thermae Bath Spa with the Cathedral in the background and sunrise

[AD] The trip to Thermae Bath Spa in this post was gifted however a blog post was not required criteria in return for this trip.

Spa Dolce Vita.
The Spa Life.

I could get used to it.

In a time where stress levels are often high at the moment I'm grabbing every chance I get to truly indulge in some relaxation and I'm incredibly lucky that Bath Spa is so close.

So the word Spa comes from the latin phrase 'Salus per Aquam' which means health through water.
The thermal waters at Bath Spa contain over 42 different minerals and all of the baths at Thermae contain the natural thermal waters at a cosy temperature of 33.5 degrees.

Rachel Emily in pink swimsuit in the Cross Baths at Thermae Bath Spa

The rooftop pool is my absolute favourite with my personal best times of day to visit, being first thing in the morning when the city is just waking up or sunset where you can watch the sun become stars whilst relaxing in a bubbly haven.

There are 2 steam rooms, an ice room, sauna and relaxation room with my favourite being the Eucalyptus steam room which is perfect to clear the mind whilst removing all the toxins and nasties from your pores but the ice room is a close second for a cool down after.

Downstairs in the Spa you have the lazy river where you can float on a noodle and just let the water take control or again find some haven in the bubbles.

Here's a little IGTV video of our trip featuring @KatieJaneKonstanz and @Lois_La_Mode...

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