Monday 1 April 2019

Lifestyle | How to Maximise on Daylight Savings

Lifestyle | How to Maximise on Daylight Savings - Rachel Emily Blog

Daylight Savings to me means the start of Spring Summer. I know meteorological spring started on the 1st March and the Spring Equinox was Wednesday 20th March but for me that extra hour of daylight we got yesterday changes everything. I find i'm more motivated in the evenings after work to do things round the house, go to the gym or run errands and I'm generally more upbeat.

The winter hibernation period is officially over.

Here are 5 things to do with your extra hour of daylight.

Lifestyle | How to Maximise on Daylight Savings - Rachel Emily Blog


I find that I'm much more motivated to exercise if it's light out. When it's dark I'm sure my body slowly starts to enter sleep mode. With the extra light I'm also happier to go for a run in my local nature reserve as I feel safer and there are also loads of others making use of their extra hour too.

Find Golden Hour

If you typically work regular office hours like me, in the winter and it gets dark at 4pm and you miss that golden hour of the sun just about to set. With the extra hour this is later and it means you can really enjoy the glorious golden tones, and maybe even shoot a sneaky instagram shot (or 50) too. Find a good view and take the time out to relax and enjoy nature. 

Lifestyle | How to Maximise on Daylight Savings - Rachel Emily Blog


Just make sure you have black out blinds. Sometimes just an extra hour, or lack of an hour can make all of the difference to how you're feeling. The extra light doesn't mean that you can't use the extra hour to catch some extra z's, especially the one you lost with the change.

Spring Clean

These extra hours are perfect for cleaning and de-cluttering and basically Marie Condoing your life. 
I'm sure the extra hour is what causes the phenomenon of the Spring Clean. With more sunlight you get to see more of the dusty marks that have been lurking through winter and it seems to highlight that pile of clothes you've been meaning to sort and put on eBay for 6 months. 

Change Your Bedding

Is there anything better than fresh bedding? I'm still waiting to find it. That crisp feel of the sheets, the extra fluffiness of the duvet and the smell of cleanliness combination just can't be beaten. Use your extra daylight to refresh your sheets and get an improved sleep experience.

How are you planning on using your extra daylight?

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