Sunday 26 February 2017

Reflection | The Four Year Plan & A Little Celebration

 The Four Year Plan & A Little Celebration

So in case I haven't mentioned it enough already, sorry; not sorry, yesterday was my 26th birthday.
Happy Birthday to me
Turning thirty is now just around the corner so I thought I'd post something reflective on The Four Year Plan - what I want to have achieved before 30.

The Four Year Plan & A Little Celebration

The idea of a four year plan working towards thirty whole years of life is scary terrifying. I am a firm goal setter and I always have something that I am working towards, maybe it's large quantities of ambition or just a motivation tool that I seem to possess but I love doing it. There is such a strong sense of satisfaction when I complete something that I've been striving towards. Putting the tick in that box is just so rewarding. However, I do like to be realistic with the goals I set so here are the goals within my four year plan:

The Four Year Plan & A Little Celebration


If you'd have asked me three years ago about graduating with a degree I would have quite literally laughed out loud in your face. Not because I didn't think I was capable, but I had written it off as something I'd missed the boat for. I tried university for a year when I left sixth form and decided that what I was studying wasn't right and that I didn't want to jump to something else without meaning and rack up even more debt. Now I am studying towards a degree in quantity surveying and commercial management and I am set to graduate about 6 months before my 30th birthday and I'm so excited. I might even start practicing my hat throwing skills.

Get on the Property Ladder

So this is a goal that I'm hoping to have complete within the next 10-12 months but I know that the housing market is unpredictable with people dropping out the day before exchanging - I've heard all of the horror stories. The second part to this goal is that I want to be in a home which is functional for both myself and J with also a little bit of growing room. Apart from my brief stint at university I have lived in the same house all of my life. I've seen how stressed out friends and family have got through moving so I want to keep it to a bare minimum. 

Profiterole Cake and Prosecco

Get Engaged

J, I'm sorry if you just read this and had a breakdown, hopefully it was small, but by the age of 30 I would like to be engaged. It's a security blanket that I'd like to have by thirty. I mean buying a house together is quite a commitment anyway. 


I suffer pretty much constantly from wanderlust. I have always wanted to explore the world long before instagram and twitter feeds were full of amazing images from across the globe. I went to Malawi when I was 17, pre-Madonna adoption, and loved it as it was so different to what I knew at the time. Thailand in 2014 again refreshed my travel buzz and my bucket list is overflowing with things to do and see. I'm not sure exactly what travel I want to achieve over the next four years but I just know that I absolutely want to do as much as physically, financially and mentally possible. Top destinations at the moment: Maldives; Iceland; Italy.

Profiterole Cake and Prosecco

Now the goals above aren't quite the ones fifteen year old me would have imagined I'd be setting, she'd expect me to have already graduated, to be a high flying career woman with a house, flash car having travelled the world. Life isn't like that though and there is so much more than I've learnt since being fifteen that I'm so grateful for. Have you got any goals set to achieve, big aspirations? Let me know what they are. Now please excuse me while I go devour this phenomenal cake.

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