Sunday 12 February 2017

Beauty | Multi-masking: Why You Should Be Doing It

Hello Lovelies, I hope you're all having a good weekend. This morning is the first time all week that I have been able to have a lie in and think about myself a little before I embark on a day full of assignment writing. Yesterday was my gran's 90th birthday party which I threw and after all this rushing about my skin has been a little neglected so I'm excited for a sunday morning pamper.

L'Orèal is a brand which I continually use and love from their colour correcting palette, foundations, BB creams and now their clay face masks. I've been using the masks since I bought them in December on a regular basis and have now worked out my perfect way to multi-mask to suit my skin.  Now for anyone who isn't familiar with the term, multi-masking is where you use a combination of masks on your face to create a personalised facial to suit your skins needs. Often one product will work wonders in one area, and barely improve another. Why take one mask into the bathroom when you can take three? You can be more efficient and focussed with your pamper time. I don't think I'll ever not multi-mask again, i'm a true convert and I've even converted my mum too.


Purity is my favourite of the three masks, sorry glow and detox, as it helps me to tackle the spotty chin skin that I suffer from as if I was a 13 year old boy. The mask uses eucalyptus to mattify and reduce shine on the skin. After using the mask on my chin, over the next few days the impurities underneath the skin appear to purge, purify and clear up the area. I do find that spots appear after use but the more regularly I use the mask the more this effect reduces. 


The glow mask has a red algae which gives it a great red hue. The mask has more texture than the other two with more of an exfoliating feel to it with the intention of reducing dullness and making your skin glow. As a result of this I've been using this mask along the areas of my face I like to highlight to help complement my make up and feel more confident in my natural make up free state. 


Detox is a dark grey mask which uses charcoal that seems to be the skin wonder-ingredient of the moment. Charcoal is known for being a magnet for impurities and drawing them out of the skin with its natural powers. I've been using this mask mainly on my forehead where I suffer from what I call 'sandpaper' skin; a series of small under skin spots which have a sandpaper appearance. Similarly to the detox mask this tends to bring out the spots after use but as they are small this is more than manageable and I've seen a great improvement in this area.

Since I've been using the masks my skin has been in a much better state and the masks have even helped combat the effects winter has on my skin as the masks don't dry it out. The great thing about the masks is that as my skin changes with what it needs, I can answer this by adapting which mask I apply where. I also like to use the detox/purity mask quickly after my shower to target any unwanted breakout areas. Do you multi-mask? Have you used the L'Orèal masks? Which one is your favourite? 

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