Sunday 19 February 2017

Lifestyle | 74 Thoughts I Had Watching Fifty Shades Darker

**Warning this post may contain spoilers if you have not seen the film and/or read the book**

So last weekend I went to see the latest installment of Fifty Shades of Grey known as Fifty Shades Darker. I was disappointed with the first film as it lacked a certain lustre and before part 2 the Ann Summers advert in the cinema was probably sexier than the first film. This installment, with a new director, in my opinion is a better film although Christian has sort of lost his mystery a little. The sex scenes are better and this film though has allowed me to come to the realisation that sex scenes are only sexy because of the music but i'm still not sure it's quite an 18.
  1. Those roses are divine
  2. No, don't you dare put those in the bin, phew.
  3. I want to be in Barbados with Kate
  4. That man did not even look like Christian, c'mon pull yourself together Ana
  5. The plum dress!!
  6. Oh hello Mr. Grey nice to finally see you
  7. Quinoa salad sounds really dull, Ana you really should have let him order for you.
  8. Considering he wanted somewhere private that restaurant is packed
  9. I need a taylor
  10. Bet she just got stubble rash
  11. Well the HR lady was strange. Bet Jack has something on her.
  12. Oh hey Leila, didn't think we'd meet you so soon
  13. Ana didn't even sip that drink Jack just bought her, what a waste. 
  14. I can't cook but even I know that's not how you chop a pepper
  15. Ooh gorgeous bra, where do I get it?!
  16. The pants let this set down
  17. Those back muscles, what is it about good back muscles. 
  18. The weather certainly perked up quickly, one minute rain, next sunshine. 
  19. Wow.... closet goals right here
  20. That lingerie is stunning
  21. Christian; multi-billionaire, gives Ana some diamonds on plastic backing - yeah right.
  22. That silver dress is gorgeous, but she cannot have that lingerie under there.
  23. Knew that underwear was not under that dress
  24. This song might just be my new favourite. Bom Bidi Bom, Bom Bom Bom....
  25. I really thought that spanking sound would have been more satisfying
  26. The Grey's really know how to throw a ball, can I come next year?
  27. She should have really bad sex hair right now, but yet it's immaculate
  28. That dancefloor *heart eyes emoji*
  29. Elena looks like she should be in Madam Tussauds
  30. One Audi, Two Audi, Three... nice product placement
  31. Wait a minute, isn't Ana meant to have her own version of Taylor??
  32. You'd think a billionaire would have a better shower sponge, unless I'm missing something here
  33. That jumper looks really cosy. want. 
  34. Love this song too, well done Zayn and Tay Tay.
  35. After a house I 100% need a yacht in my life. And maybe an Audi
  36. Huh, i'd have figured Christian would have had an iPhone.
  37. I need that wine rack, new house checklist - wine rack & a closet of dreams for all the wine and clothes and shoes I can't afford to put in them.
  38. Those nipple clamps look hella painful
  39. I love Mrs. Jones
  40. Are they both called Ana??
  41. Love that dotty dress, Ana's style has really improved
  42. Jack's a total ass "I'm a pretty great teacher" - I would bet that you're not
  43. Not only are you arrogant Jack but you are wrong too
  44. You go girl
  45. Go kick some serious ass Taylor
  46. Is that Jerry Springer?
  47. Nah, not sure it is... is it? 
  48. Why don't people drink champagne in champagne saucers anymore?
  49. Surely someone in that busy bar just saw her remove those. Surely.
  50. Surely someone in that lift would have noticed too!!
  51. Also how long is this lift?! I've been to the sky garden and lifts are quick these days. 
  52. Oh, she's called Hannah
  53. Holy Shit, that was loud
  54. Christian wears that coat very well
  55. and Ana's coat looks like a flasher mac
  56. Not sure i'd go on a balcony barely dressed. It looks way too cold. 
  57. Oh Hello
  58. Now that's a gym I'd happily go to all the time
  59. How is he doing that?! That defies gravity and physics.
  60. Mia, step away from those ties
  61. I really don't like Elliot... or Jose. 
  62. Christian barely has a scratch on him
  63. She literally never wears a bra
  64. Okay, so this film is raunchier than the last, hurrah (not to sound pervy)
  65. Those back muscles though... 
  66. Still need an Audi and a Taylor
  67. Gretchen needs to pick her dignity up off the floor after that
  68. Love Ana's red dress
  69. Hooray, Elena's face can actually move... a little
  70. Good shot
  71. Again, good shot
  72. Hearts and flowers, lots of flowers
  73. and conveniently timed fireworks
  74. Jack 'fag burning' christian... game on for round three

So this film has given me serious wardrobe and wine rack envy and made me browse for car's online. I guess it's waiting another 2 years now for the final installment. Have you seen the film? What did you think?

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