Wednesday 3 May 2017

Beauty | Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials

Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials

So as you probably know because I just can't seem to stop mentioning it, sorry - not sorry, I'm currently soaking up the sunshine in Lanzarote on a girly holiday with my mum. For me summer starts here so I thought I'd share my summer holiday beauty essentials which I will not travel without.

Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials


It's only been over the last year that I have finally seemed to recover the damage my fifteen year old self did to my hair through over bleaching, and getting a little carried away with the crimper, curler and straightener. My hair for over ten years needed some extreme TLC and loving as it was brittle, dry and full of continuous split ends. Now my hair is out of rehab I want to keep it strong and healthy and the below products work wonders for me:

Moroccan Oil

I always try out new hair oils but always go back to my old faithful Moroccan Oil. It was the first hair oil I bit the bullet and tried and I think it will always be a permanent fixture in my hair care regime. I apply to freshly washed damp hair straight out of the shower and a light covering to dry hair before bed at night just to really lock in the moisture my hair needs. 

Tangle Teezer

My teezer is battered and abused but I just love it so much. I think about getting a new one but I just can't let my old one go because it has helped me so much. It goes everywhere with me and on holiday this includes the beach, pool and for cocktails on the coast so I can be consistently tangle-free.

Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray

This product doesn't get much use back in the UK which I do regret but as soon as a holiday comes along with a beach it is a go-to product to help me achieve those beachy-just-woke-up-waves that everyone covets. I apply this lightly to my hair and scrunch to get the look I desire on my natural or curled waves. 

Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials


Now my most important item of holiday skincare isn't here. Suncream. I think you'd be crazy to go on holiday without it and in my head it goes without saying that it's a holiday essential. None of this factor two malarkey either. SPF 15+ all day everyday. 

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

This is a year-round go to product for me so why wouldn't it come on holiday?! It tones my skin and leaves it feeling fresh, soft and moisturised which is especially essential on holiday when the salt water, sand and sun can leave it anything but these things

L'Oreal Paris BB Cream

In summer I prefer a much lighter feel for my make up on my skin and ditch my foundation in favour of a BB Cream. I usually take both the fair and medium shades and mix together as my skin changes colour from my sun-worshipping. I try not to wear any BB Cream in the day and just use suncream instead but for when I feel like a little coverage would work wonders this BB Cream has SPF 15. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

I don't think I can rave about this moisturiser enough. It works the most wondrous miracles on my skin. Its another year-round skincare regime staple which was always going to come and work wonders on my holiday too. 

Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials


My scent of summer this year is Chanel's No.5 L'eau which just the smell of makes me think of far away shores, cocktails and exotic climates. 

Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials

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What are your beauty essentials which you just won't leave at home when you travel for your summer holiday? 

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