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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is well and truly upon us and summer is just round the corner. At this time of year I always get the urge to cleanse my closet, tidy up and catch up on things like admin. This year for me my spring clean is all the more important as by this time next year I hope to be in a home of my own with J. To make the move easier I'm attempting to cut back on the things I have but also to stop replacing them with new things when I see them. Not sure how this is going to go, for both me and J! Here are my top tips for spring cleaning your life:

Spring Clean Your Life


So as mentioned above I don't have my own home, and fitting all my stuff within my room is always so tricky. It's like Monica's infamous cupboard in Friends. I try and clear out all the stuff I can live without and sometimes make a little bit of money in the process from eBay, Depop and doing car boots plus I like to give some to charity too. 

- Start with your wardrobe. If you haven't worn it in the last 12 months then chances are you probably don't need it, unless it's a statement item or a sentimental item. Don't forget to include your undies, bras and socks too. 

- Clear out under the bed. Don't skip this area just because you can easily ignore/forget what's under there. 

- Check your beauty products and that they are still good to use. I did this before my holiday and I freed up so much space from products which I had tried, disliked and just kept at the back of the cupboard. 

- Clear out that receipt tray and sort stuff out. Keep what you need and check that your finances are healthy and/or make a plan to get them looking fresh if not. 


Technology is such a large part of our lives now and I find it so surprising at how reliant we have all become so quickly, and I know I'm no different. I remember the days pre-facebook and internet accessible phones when snake was the coolest thing you could do on a mobile.

- Clean your tech devices. Phones carry so much dirt and bacteria so give them a spring clean, maybe change the screen protector and case to feel refreshed.

- Tidy up your apps. Get rid of the ones you don't use. For me, I also tidy up my photos to free up some extra space and get rid of all the screenshots that I don't need anymore

- Tidy up your laptop/computer. Similar to the previous point with apps, go through your folders and just organise or cleanse.

Spring Clean Your Life


- Have a big car clean. I did this recently and it felt so good afterwards. I cleaned the inside and out and someone even asked me if I'd bought a new one after because it looked so different. I can't believe I didn't notice how dirty it had got. Makes sure to check the glovebox, under the seats, boot and seat pockets too. 


- This might sound a bit drastic but look at your friendships and distance yourself, politely, from friendships which may be that little bit toxic, feel unnatural or give you stress without much reward. It's natural as people change, some friendships dissolve and move apart. Removing this negativity can do wonders. 

- On the flip side of this, re-commit to to friendships and relationships that are bringing a positive influence to your life. Book a trip away or organise a get together, something fun to look forward to.

Spring Clean Your Life


- Try and ditch bad habits. Rumour has it that it takes 28 consecutive days to break a bad habit and make it stick. 

- Do more of what makes you happy. Quit that gym class that you don't really enjoy but go to because you feel you should. Find a different one which you do enjoy. 

- Have a personal MOT. Book in for a haircut or nail appointment something to make you feel good. Or just book in a nice afternoon for you to do what you like with. Have a long soak and indulge because you really are worth it. 

Once you've had your spring clean I can guarantee you that you will feel so much lighter and better for it. What is your favourite thing to clear out?

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