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How to Pack for Your Holiday Like a Pro

So as this is going live on the blog I am currently at the airport waiting to jet off on my first, and probably, only foreign holiday of the year. If you're like me packing is the worst part about going away because it can be stressful. I used to wait until the absolute last minute to pack because I found it less stressful that way but after many trips with mis-matched outfits and additional expenses to purchase forgotten items I decided enough was enough and to get my packing shit together.
The first step to packing like a pro for any trip away is to first identify your packing downfalls. For me they were packing far too many shoes and combinations of clothes which didn't work together. For others it could be over-packing or not utilising the space. This guide should help you no matter what your trip, suitcase size or downfall. Just always remember to consider your planned itinerary, the weather and duration of your trip when packing.

How to Pack for Your Holiday Like a Pro

Utilise Your Space

No matter how large or small your suitcase is you need to utilise the space. It will allow you to fit more into the case in a more efficient way or if you are a rare under-packer, by utilising your space you will keep everything in place and may find some travel gems to allow you to pack a few extra luxuries. 

Put your socks and undies within your shoes

This will save you space in your suitcase, and save your blushes if you need to open your suitcase in public. By filling your shoes you keep their shape without causing unnecessary damage. Chargers and other small electrical items can also be used for this but make sure to wrap the pointed areas within socks to prevent shoe damage. 

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

If you roll your clothes rather than fold them you save space, reduce creasing and end up with an organised suitcase. Marie Kondo has many books on the Japanese art of decluttering and organisation and the KonMari method of folding is brilliant for packing suitcases. There is even a method for folding your undies. If you want to look into this further then Goop has a great guide with mini videos for each item or this YouTube vid is great too.

Cube it

This is where you can combine rolling and cube for the ultimate packing combo to utilise space. J loves them because it keeps his case organised but also gives him a something to separate his clean and dirty clothing over the trip too which makes unpacking so much easier when you're home. You can pick up cubes from Amazon like these or these for a decent price.

How to Pack for Your Holiday Like a Pro


I've found that by organising my packing with lists and planning makes it actually quite enjoyable and part of the exciting build up to the holiday. I've always been organised in every other aspect of my life apart from holiday packing until last year and I won't be going back to my last minute ways. 

Plan Your Outfits

One of my main packing flaws was that nothing matched once I got to my destination or I'd packed white jeans and only black undies making the jeans a waste of packing space. Now I plan ahead, try outfits on together and try to find items along a similar colour scheme to create a capsule holiday wardrobe. Now I don't mean plan your outfits by the exact day and occasion but make sure there are enough options to suit your mood and the weather that can be combined easily.

Layout is key

Think about where items are going to go in your suitcase before you put them in. Always place heavy items like toiletries at the bottom of your suitcase, this needs to be the bottom when it's upright. If your case has wheels, this is the bottom. If the weight is at the top, all your hard folding work gets crushed underneath. Another key thing with toiletries is to pack them in resealable plastic bags so if they do leak, everything else is protected. 

List it out

Once you know what you're taking, make a list of it so if something goes in the wash before the holiday that nothing is forgotten. I swear by lists for the day that I leave for my holiday too so that I remember the things that I can't pack until the day like my phone, money, charger and make up. 

How to Pack for Your Holiday Like a Pro

Carry On...

If your hand luggage is your only luggage for your trip then packing like a pro is essential. You'll need to organise your case so that your essentials for the trip plus your 100ml toiletries bag and any electrical are easy to grab for security. If you are checking your main case in, then you have a little more freedom for your hand luggage. Below is a quick list of my key items to carry on the plane with me. I also take my hat as hand luggage to avoid it getting squashed in my case.

- Book/Kindle
- Sunglasses
- Camera
- Phone
- Purse
- Scarf; which is big enough to become a blanket if needed
- Fluffy Socks - again to combat the chill of the plane cabin pressure
- Key Toiletries (in a clear bag); lip balm, facial mist etc
- Eye mask; if I intend to sleep

How to Pack for Your Holiday Like a Pro

And there you have it, you can now officially pack like a pro. What packing tips do you swear by? Are you going anywhere lovely this year? 

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