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Three quarters of the year is already over and christmas is sneaking around the corner. With the change of season comes a change in the weather which ultimately means it's an excuse to buy new things. September for me is an odd month because to me it signifies the end of the year approaching but now also a new academic year which is exciting and daunting at the same time. These are my goals for september to keep me on track for a great 2017.

Lifestyle | September Goals Pink Flat Lay with Calendar

September Goals

01. Start University
Following on from above, this month I officially start university having completed two years of my Higher National Certificate. I feel like I've been building towards this for a very long time and this year is the half way mark to getting my degree and those fancy pants letters after my name. I'm destined to graduate in 2020, which is nice and easy to remember, and starting uni feels like graduating is actually going to happen. It is. I almost believe it now.

All links to gorgeous stationary greatly accepted.

02. Get Gorgeous
Back in July I started mission get fit. While it wasn't a complete disaster, I don't feel that my fitness really improved. I got too distracted with prosecco and cake. Poor effort. Now I have a little more motivation, as there may be some winter sun on the cards before christmas, I have invested in the Carly Rowena Get Gorgeous guide because I want to get into habits which are sustainable all the time, not just a get fit fad. If Carly's gorgeous social media channels don't convince you enough that she knows what she's talking about then quite frankly I think you're crazy. This week is week one and I have just taken my stats to record progress.

I'm combining the get gorgeous guide with tracking my food on my fitness pal and I'm still going to be doing 2 sessions of ballet a week as I do now. I've also looked into free Amazon classes as part of the This Girl Can campaign which is a 10 week trial to get women moving. Watch this space.

03. Feature More Fashion
At the start of the year I pledged to feature more fashion on my blog and social media accounts. So far, it's been rather lacking, just like my july mission get fit motivation. This month I am making a big push for fashion for I have shoots booked in for later this month, numerous outfits planned and maybe even a sneaky ASOS AW17 haul. I've also just posted my Autumn Winter 2017 Trend Report with all the trends that need to find their way into your wardrobes. September is officially fashion month.

04. Engage More
One thing I'm also focusing on is engaging more on social media. More Instagram Comments. Responses on Twitter. More posts on Facebook. More Instagram Likes. More pins on Pinterest.

Working full time means that I struggle to find enough times to engage with the posts and people I like most on the net. Each day I am now setting aside around 30 minutes a day to spend on social media and engage. Most people are detoxing from SM, I'm doing the opposite. There's so much amazing content out there and I really want to discover it.

All links to new content welcome.

05. Twice a Week
For all of September I am pledging to post twice a week on the blog because I used to and I don't see why it's stopped being so regular. So here is my pledge to you, the lovely readers, I promise to post twice weekly throughout September. This should be easy because I've been working on loads of new post ideas including fashion (duh), lifestyle, blog help and recipes. It's time to action and execute.

What are your goals for September?

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