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Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Bee Shoes Red Polka Dot Shirt Winter Floral Heels Primark

So this post was going to go live on the perfect day - Thursday - when the bank holiday sunshine had disappeared and had left behind a gloomy grey and rainy day to let us know that autumn was definitely coming. Internet troubles meant that it didn't post and now the sun is back shining again. Being more of a summer person I try and cling on to the season for as long as is acceptable without looking crazy however with the weather is going to change, probably pretty soon and I'm starting to look ahead to the new season and what items and trends I should be including within my wardrobe.

AW17 Colours

Every year there seems to be a firm set of colours which stand out across the catwalks for the season. Last AW it was winter pink that stood out as the colour of the season which then transitioned into SS17. Pantone also release their fashion colour reports each season where this year they focused on New York and London. If you're like me and love a Pantone colour then read on.


Red isn't a colour I usually go to. I've never been naturally drawn to it, typically favouring pastel tones or tropical shades but something about the colour this season has me drawn to it. It was seen on the catwalks of Fendi, Giorgio Armarni, Givenchy and Victoria Beckham.

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Pantone Red Palette

It was inspired visions of a simple casual outfit with a cosy striking flame scarlett jumper doing all the talking which paired with a dark tawny port lip could look epic. Watch this space as red could just be my colour of the season. 


Metallic silver has been seen at Chanel, Michael Kors, Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen to just name a few. Chanel's silver glitter boots took over their show with them being featured in nearly every single look and I've already seen some similar styles on the high street, with Primark truly embracing the silver boot. Personally I can't picture me going about my daily life in head to toe silver but this is a trend that I'm sure will feature more in my accessories unless it's an all out silver dress for Christmas, because if you can't glitter at Christmas when can you? 

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Primark Red Burgundy Polka Dot Shirt

AW17 Patterns

Polka Dots

If you think you're seeing spots in front of your eyes, then you probably are because the polka dot is here. It was all across the catwalks and is currently out in the shops as it makes a great transition pattern. There are a variety of colour combinations on the high street but the classic is black and white. There is also the choice between regulation spots or random spot orientation. My personal favourite version of the dot is the polka dot mesh detailing which is out there at the moment. 


Checks are no stranger to the AW fashion scene. Plaid is practically an Autumn Winter veteran. This year the check focus is on grey or black and white combination checks. They featured at Calvin Klein, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The catwalks applied the pattern to smart tailoring and suits which can walk straight into my workwear wardrobe as I think they look so sophisticated. Either a tapered trouser with a killer stiletto or a tailored coat. 


I've seen this trend called many things such as winter hippie or all americana but personally I think folklore fits the bill slightly better. Gucci, Prada and Coach were champions of the trend sending embroidery and folk patterns down the runways. I've really enjoyed seeing what I would normally class as a trend I associate with summer making an appearance in Autumn Winter. Also how amazing are the Needle and Thread dungarees below. I really want them. Like really. 


There has been a buzzing in the fashion world about bees. The bee has been an iconic symbol in Manchester as the cities symbol but has been adopted by Gucci which has thrust the insect into a fashion icon. They were part of summer and are now flying straight into winter with my favourite adoption of the bee being embellished on accessories and shoes. I've already picked myself up some velvet bee shoes from Primark for just £8. Bargain. 

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Winter Floral Shoes Burgundy Polka Dot Shirt Primark

Winter Florals

I have now decided that florals are always in. They are never out. Ever.

Winter florals tend to have darker, moodier tones to them. Think black, Navy Peony or Shaded Spruce bases with more subdued petal tones such as Toast, Copper Tan and Royal Lilac.

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Pantone Winter Florals Palette

Winter florals are another pattern which is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn and there are loads of great pieces on the high street and online to snap up to see you through. The darker base means that skirts and dresses work with bare legs for those last few days of summer and with opaque tights for when the temperature drops. 

Fashion | The Autumn Winter 17 Trend Report Primark Black Bee Shoes Flats


AW17 Materials


I am so happy that shearling is here for Autumn Winter as there is nothing I love more than being cosy and shearling is exactly that. I cannot wait to embrace this trend with both arms and have the most comfortable season yet, whilst still being fashionable. I have my eye on a denim jacket with a shearling lining although I'm not above embracing the fabric for an all over coat or jumper. 


Soft leather is another material to look out for this season. Black is the classic colour however the catwalks also saw buttery tan leathers heading down the runways. Gone are the days when leather is exclusively reserved for biker jackets, boots and occasionally trousers enter the era of lady-like leather as seen at Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. 


Every Autumn Winter, due to the season covering christmas, there is always an opulent trend. This year I think that trend if feathers. They were seen at Prada, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel to name a few. Naturally my concern with this trend is to avoid looking like a chicken however I think if I don't work up the courage to wear feathers then I might opt for a feather bag instead. I'm definitely going to bear this trend in mind when it comes to looking for a christmas party outfit though. 

What is your favourite AW17 trend coming up? I'm so excited to try them all. I've made a HUGE ASOS saved items list so I might do a bit of a haul. Would anyone be up for seeing that?

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