Sunday 10 September 2017

Blog Help | The Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job

Blog Help | The Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job Vanity Fair White Roses MacBook Perfume Watch

Why do people blog?

It's an interesting question that really has no definitive answer.

Some openly admit to starting a blog for 'free stuff', some have it evolve from a successful social media account, some enjoy just having a creative outlet. Why do I blog? Me, I'm a hobby blogger. My blog has become a creative outlet and a haven from studying and my full-time job in construction. I doubt I would ever take it full time. Others strive to make the leap from part-time blogging to full-time career blogging but that's just not for me.

Having a blog and a full time career takes a lot of time management, organisation and opportunity grabbing when it presents itself. I absolutely enjoy blogging but there are some realities which come with blogging alongside a full-time career.

Blog Help | The Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job Perfume Magazine Calendar

Lost Ideas
Ideas do get 'lost' or forgotten because realistically you can't just harness an idea when it comes to you or take the photos when the light is 'just perfect' because chances are you're in a client meeting or on your daily commute. I try and write down as many as I can in my Filofax, which goes everywhere with me, or in the notes app on my phone but there are times, like my commute, where it's just not possible to capture the idea.

Missed Opportunities
While I've never been invited on any all expenses paid trips or hotel stays I have missed out on quite a few blog events or PR days because of work. I can't attend events in the week without using precious annual leave and events which start pre-6pm I struggle to attend as I don't always know how reliable traffic will be and if I will be based on site, which could be miles away. I get worked up about not making the events because I really want to push my blog and expand it but I sometimes have to give myself a little reality check that this is a hobby and work pays the bills.

Blog Help | The Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job Rose Gold Watch Perfume MacBook

It doesn't come without some sacrifice
If I didn't think the sacrifices were worth it then I wouldn't blog, but blogging can take up a lot of time. It's present 24/7 because it's online and I find really hard to switch off from. I can only imagine what this is like for full time bloggers, the line between work and play must be so hard to define.

Comparisons Haunt You
Now I try not to compare myself to others but sometimes it's just so hard not to. I mean we are all human, right? Blogging and social media show highlights, the best bits, and are often carefully curated to match themes and may have been planned weeks in advance and I always find myself asking well how am I not that prepared? I'm organised but I have to remind myself that I don't know what has gone on behind the scenes of other blogs.

Blog Help | The Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job Chloe Love Story Abbott Lyon Rose Gold Watch Flatlay

Do you have a blog? What are your blog goals? Do you want to take it full-time and make it a career?

On a side note, how gorgeous does Meghan Markle look in this month's Vanity Fair? I have like a serious woman crush on her (alongside Blake Lively, Mollie King and a few others). I cannot wait for her to potentially be a princess. If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know I love the monarchy and the Royals so sorry to spam over here now too but the article is a really great read, I'd recommend it. If you want to hear more spam about the royals then find me on twitter. If not, you can follow me on Bloglovin', Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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