Sunday 15 January 2017

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Many people think New Year, New Me, and while I'm all for setting goals in the New Year of what you want to achieve for the coming year ahead, as you can find here, I'm not sure I now totally agree with the new me part of the saying. I think we should all be encouraged to embrace what we've already got.
A few months back I saw this tweet and it sort-of caused an epiphany that I think had been happening for a while.
I have always been small chested and have gone through all the emotions over boobs; mine and other peoples. There have been many stages of envy, hate, jealously and finally I'm coming through the final stages of acceptance and into the, hopefully final stage, of love.

In school I used to be told that I'd be a "late developer" - but at 25 I've waited quite a while. People, even myself, referred to my boobs as fried eggs, boy-tits or mosquito bites. While people may have been joking using the terms, off the cuff remarks like that can have a long lasting impact. I've tried super-padded bra's, the old "I must, I must, improve my bust" routine and especially growing up it felt that having a cleavage defined me becoming a woman. I looked at countless boob jobs and even went as far as getting a credit card to pay for them. Thankfully I bottled it at the last minute because I've realised that surgery wouldn't have been the right route for me. I genuinely believed that I was completely unattractive because I didn't have double D's and that I would end up as a bonafide spinster. I have now finally come to realise that small boobs are actually pretty great. Here are some of my reasons why...

- Sport isn't an issue
I don't have to worry about buying a super-strength boulder holder before contemplating sport. They are also favourable for ballet too

- I can get away with not wearing a bra
If a top doesn't need one, then I don't actually need to wear it, like in these photos, and that's A-cup okay. Wearing one does still provide me with a security blanket but on one-off occasions I can get away with it

- I can sleep on my front

- Pretty underwear
I can embrace the non-padded trend that's everywhere at the moment and underwires are just so bloody uncomfortable

- People talk to my face
Which is always nice

- I don't have to worry about boob-related back pain or sagging
This also helps my posture too

- Low-cut tops still look modest
The fashion choices are endless

- Becoming the limbo champion is much easier

Now I'm not bringing down large boobs either like Vogue seemingly did - they have their pro's too I'm sure, I'm just not experienced in that area to comment. I just think that it's totally about looking at what you've got and embracing it with love and affection. Shame on the daily mail for marketing that boobs need to be 'fixed'. I've realised that I am embracing my boobs as @NerdAboutTown rightly pointed out we should and that even though I still have my moments, I'm a shameless and proud member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee.

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