Sunday 1 January 2017

Reflection | 2017: Goals and Aspirations

Hello 2017

How do you do?
While I am still unaware of what day of the week it is, and I will probably write the wrong date on everything for the next few weeks I am determined that 2017 is going to be a good year, despite today's rainy appearance. I'm planning on embracing positivity and turning every corner with a big cheesy smile. I can see my goals and I'm ready to achieve them.

Life Goals

Become Debt Free
So this was a goal which I set out last year and didn't manage to achieve. Getting rid of debt is incredibly hard going as it doesn't feel rewarding doing it as you get nothing back. However, my spreadsheet is again ready and I did make a dent in 2016 to what I had. 

Own a House!
This is a biggie I know, and probably doesn't go hand in hand with debt but as I don't pay interest on my debt I am saving at the same time. J is also saving so together hopefully next christmas will be in our own home after battling to grab on to the bottom rung of the property ladder.

Self Praise and Smile more
My mum has always said that I will run myself into the ground for my friends and family as I aim to please and help them but I need to live by my own expectations and self-praise more of what I'm doing. I need to measure my success on my terms and not by someone else's idea of success. Hopefully this self praise will help me embrace the positive in the now and bring a permanent smile to my face. I fear in 2016 it was all too serious. 

Blogging Goals

So 2016 was the first true 'year' of my blog, I still don't quite know when to class as my blog's birthday?! I now actually have followers which still doesn't quite feel real and I'm really enjoying blogging even though it can be slightly stressful with work, education and life in general. 

Magic Numbers
While I blog for me, I would like to increase my statistics by the end of the year. Here are the stats I would like by 11:59pm on 31st December 2017:

Bloglovin': 200
Instagram: 500
Twitter: 500
Pinterest: 100

Also once I reach 100 followers on Bloglovin I'm going to host a giveaway in celebration!!

Feature more fashion
I absolutely love fashion and really wish I could get the modelling and photography thing down. It's going to take some practice to get used to posing with people around and to get the timer-tripod thing working but hopefully I'll get there.

Community Spirit
My third and final blog goal for the year is to attend some blogging workshops and events to really embrace the amazing community which I know is out there. 

Bucket List Goals

So since my 'next ten steps of my bucket list' post, which can be found here, I've looked at finance and my bigger goals and re-evaluated what is going to be possible in 2017. Here are my new, slightly closer to home, and giving back goals which I want to tick off next year:

#015 - Learn the basics of ballet
#047 - Buy a house
#050 - Get a tattoo
#067 - Donate Blood
#082 - Do a run for charity
#106 - Visit Highclere Castle

To help me complete these I've already registered as a blood donor and booked in my giving session (March 17th) and I should be grading in ballet during the summer 18 months after taking it up as an adult. Once I have passed a grading I think I will be able to tick number 15 off the list.

Anticipated Highlights of 2017

I know this might seem silly to anticipate my highlights but I am all aboard the positivity train of looking to what lies ahead so here are my highlights of 2017 before they even happen:

- Finishing college and hopefully getting into university
- Celebrating my gran's 90th birthday
- Seeing Coldplay in Cardiff in the summer
- Celebrating my not so little brother turn 21

What are your goals and aspirations for 2017?

Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up with my progress and have a great 2017!

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