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How to Kick Start Your Day

The end of January is nearly here so I thought I'd share a post on my tips on how to kick start your day. By having a good morning it puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day where I have the potential to be incredibly productive. These tips help me stay focussed on my daily goals which help me achieve my bigger goals. Here's how you can reach your full daily potential...

How to Kick Start Your Day

Don't Snooze

I know the temptation to hit that snooze button is always strong but when you press that button you confuse your body. It's used to recognising the sound of the alarm as a wake up signal so when your alarm goes off get up. If you do hit the snooze button, you will do it again and again until the last minute that you can get up which will result in you being rushed and flustered at the start of your day.

Wake up Earlier

Waking up earlier is another tactic to stop you being rushed in the morning as when you are rushed you're likely to forget things and feel stressed. Wake up ideally 30 minutes earlier than needed to allow you to get ready for your day in a calm and relaxed manner. Start this by waking up 5 minutes earlier every day until you reach the extra 30 minutes, this will mean that the extra time isn't such a shock.

Make Your Bed

This was a tip I made in my organisation tips post last year, which you can find here, and I've recently read that Cameron Diaz swears by this to get her day off to a good start. It certainly works for me and if it works for Cam too it must be a good one. By making my bed once i'm up in the morning it makes everything look neater and tidier so I feel more motivated for the day, but it also stops me from creeping back into it which is always too tempting. Then at the end of a long day a made bed always looks more inviting than a messy one. 

How to Kick Start Your Day


Overnight your body fasts from food and water so it is vital that as soon as you wake up you hydrate with a glass of water or two. I like to flavour my water by infusing it with fruits throughout the day but first thing in the morning I make sure I add lemon as it has many health benefits. Lemon water is refreshing to drink while it aids digestion, provides vitamin C and even freshens your breath. 

Eat Breakfast

As with water your body fasts over night so you need to fuel your brain and body by 'breaking the fast', hence where the name breakfast comes from. Ideally you should eat within two hours of waking or if you're me you'll have to eat straight away. I personally think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it sets your day up right and lets your body know that a new day is starting. What you choose for breakfast should be nutritional and healthy but the odd Pop Tart will be accepted on occasion. 

Have a Routine

Every morning when I get up and go to work or college I have a routine; shower, breakfast, dry hair, make up, brush teeth, style hair, get dressed, sort out bag for the day. It's now become automatic which allows me to think about the day ahead while I'm doing it and mentally preparing for the day with little thought for what I'm actually doing. If I do my routine out of sequence then I seem to forget my name, age, which day of the week it is and what I'm doing.

How to Kick Start Your Day

What is your routine in the morning and what do you love for breakfast?

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