Tuesday 15 January 2019

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues | Rachel Emily Blog

Christmas and New Year are always filled with festivities and sparkle that honestly, I never ever want it to end. But if it didn't end I think we'd all get a little bit fed up of all the glitter in our eyes. I'm lucky enough to get time off work over the festive period as work shuts down and I always find it tough going back to normal life after. This year has been no exception as I've gone back to work, into exam season and I have a stinking cold.


I'm keeping my head up and beating the January blues to make sure I start 2019 well. Here are my top 5 ways to keep the blues away.

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues | Rachel Emily Blog

Make Plans

It's the time of year when nobody wants to go out because it's cold, we're all a little heavier (and sluggish) thanks to Christmas over-indulgence and, well, money. But making plans is the best way to kick the January blues. They don't need to cost anything, just some time, effort and forward thinking. What about a walk with friends, and it will get your steps up. 


I know January is typically exercise central but it's the ideal way to beat the blues. Exercise creates endorphins which make you feel good. If the gyms are too packed for you or you don't want to pay a membership, there are some amazing home workouts on YouTube and/or Apps on your phone. I'm currently doing the Cat Meffan - Yoganuary series from last January and it's great, plus its designed for all abilities too. Not so easy with a young puppy though who just wants to jump on you.

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues | Rachel Emily Blog


If you want to feel productive without having to step outside or spend money then look right at home and get organising. I know so many people who have already started doing this after watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. Myself and James have been having a real blitz of the house, and our spare bedroom which is basically like Monica's cupboard of shame, and has been since we moved in. It's felt so good too. Fresh year, fresh organised house. 

Get Dressed

Maybe it's just me but I spend an awful lot of time in my comfies, especially if I know that I don't need to leave the house. But, on days like that if I want to feel good and be productive, I simply make the bed and get dressed. I try and make the bed everyday basically to stop me from crawling straight back in it but getting dressed gives me that boost that says 'let's do this'. 

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues | Rachel Emily Blog

Change your Thinking

I'd probably say that the majority of people would class January as one of the worst months of the year, but why couldn't it be the best? By changing your thinking about the month it will set the tone for the entire year ahead. Rather than seeing January as a month with not enough sunlight, not enough money and too many restrictions, see it as an opportunity to smash your goals and improve. 

Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Avoid the January Blues | Rachel Emily Blog

And there we have it, five ways that I personally think you can beat the dreaded January Blues and work towards an amazing 2019. 

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