Monday, 28 May 2018

Fashion | Dressing for the Spring Summer Transition

Rachel Emily infront of Victoria Rooms Bristol in Polka Dot Skirt, White Trainers and Jumper

The UK weather is nothing short of unpredictable. It can go from snow to sunshine to rain and back again in a matter of weeks if not days. You can leave the house with glorious sunshine and then be caught in a downpour just down the road.
Here I thought I'd share my favourite tips for dressing for the seasonal transition.

White Jumper, Polka Dot Skirt and White Trainers Outfit

Close up of Polka Dot Skirt with ASOS Straw Round Bag in front of Victoria rooms fountain


Layers are critical to the success of seasonal dressing. If it's colder than you thought you throw a few more on. If it's warmer you take a few more off. This white ASOS jumper is lightweight and a little oversized so it doesn't cling to you if it gets a little warmer, but not quite enough to remove a layer. 

Rouge Tee with Sunglasses and Polka Dot Skirt

Rachel Emily sat in front of Victoria Rooms Fountain in Transitional Outfit


Trainers are having a bit of a thing at the moment. Whether you like the bright white fresh out of the box look or the ugly trainer trend you have to admit it they are damn practical with ever-changing weather. They are primarily warm and waterproof for the colder moments but cooler than boots for warmer weather. 

Rachel Emily standing outside of Victoria Rooms Pillars in spring summer transitional outfit

Close up of Round ASOS Straw Bag, Polka Dot Skirt and Ray Ban Blaze Sunglasses in Pink


I try and make my outfits feel spring fresh with pattern. This year the pattern that I just can't stop buying is polka dot's even though florals are a firm spring favourite. The patterns will elevate your outfit and make it feel flirty and fun which to me is what spring-summer dressing is all about. 

Rachel Emily Walking along fountain edge in polka dot asos skirt and white jumper

Close up of Rachel Emily sitting by Lion Statue in White Rogue Tee, ASOS Polka Dot Skirt with straw bag and ray ban pink blaze sunglasses

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