Tuesday 9 January 2018

Travel | Dominican Republic Photo Diary

Miss Tunica Perissa Crystal White Tunic Beach Hut Palm Roof

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to escape the 10 day freeze we had here in the UK and jet off to the amazing Dominican Republic, coincidentally for 10 days, and it didn't disappoint. I was greeted by rum cocktails, the gentle sway of palm trees and 30 degree heat and had the most amazing time.

Now call me a creature of habit but we decided to go back to the same resort that we had visited in 2015 because we wanted an easy destination where we could relax and de-stress. It was more of a holiday for some much needed rest and relaxation than one for new adventures. We stayed at the 5* resort of the Grand Palladium, Punta Cana and it was just as good, if not better, than last time we stayed.

Bavaro Beach Punta Cana at Sunrise

Bavaro Beach Punta Cana at SunRise reflection on water

Grand Palladium Punta Cana Apartment Block Burnt Orange Palm Trees

Champage Breakfast

Champagne Breakfast with Shein Polka Dot Wrap Dress

Shein Polka Dot Wrap Dress Ruffles and Legs

Now this gorgeous polka dot baby was one of my favourite items that I wore whilst away. I bought it from Shein last summer for a absolute steal at £12.02. It's still actually available on the site too, here. Now it's a bit short, read skims the bum and i'm only petite, but it made an amazing beach dress and the ruffles made me feel super sassy. 

Crossed Palm Leaves with Sun behind creating shadows

Shamelss Holiday Selfie with Ray Ban Blaze Pink and Leopard Print Bikini Myleene Class

Coral Pink/Orange Flowers Tropical

Tropical Flowers with Fairy Lights in Background

Fairy Light Covered Bridge with Palm trees and bushes over Pond

Poolside woven hammock

Now I have to say I'm very tempted to get a hammock for back here in the UK. Having one of these treats to hand most days was insane, they are super comfortable, when you're not falling out of them. I could have read my book for hours on end just lazing in the sun. 

Rachel Emily on bridge with hammocks and pool behind, white H&M bikini

Rachel Emily White Bikini Laughing in Hammock by Pool

Tanned Legs in Woven Hammock with Sand underneath

Boat on Beach by Pastel Coloured Beach Huts and Palm Tree

Photo of Rachel Emily Yellow Beach Hut Background Bardot River Island Bikini

South American God of the Sun with Pink and Yellow Beach Hut background

How cute is this guy? These are the south american gods of the moon and sun. We have a coffee table sized one to look over us in our new house. 

Fresh Coconut Water with a straw

Edited picture with river island bardot bikini with mermaid tail on beach

Tanned Sandy Legs with Natural Fresh Coconut Water

Local Roofer carrying palms for a palm roof

Baywatch Tower 1 Pose in Lifeguard Stand in Miss Tunica White Perissa Tunic

Poolside in White Perissa Miss Tunica Tunic Ray Ban Blaze Sunglasses

This gorgeous kaftan was sent to me by Miss Tunica before I went away and it's another piece from my holiday wardrobe that I loved wearing. It was the perfect length for me and offered some cover from the caribbean sun. The sleeves and neckline have a gorgeous bronze detailing too which actually helped to give the appearance of some boobs while being classy. It also has a white slip dress which can be put under the tunic to go from day to night and save on some packing! I've already been back on the Miss Tunica website eyeing up what colour I want to get next. 

Close Up of Miss Tunica Perissa Tunic Neckline Detail

Poolside Close Up of Miss Tunica Tunic in White Perissa

Miss Tunica Beach Accessories - Anklet White and Gold

Rachel Emily on Beach Swing looking out to sea - River Island Bardot Bikini

Sunset in Punta Cana Pink and Purple with Palm trees

Now if you're visiting the Dominican there are so many amazing activities you can do, or like me you can indulge in a little luxury relaxation. Saona island is divine with crystal clear waters and the ability to snorkel and find starfish as big as your head or there are jungle treks for the more adventurous. 

Here's to my next trip abroad which is skiing in February which will be totally different. The snow in Tignes is currently insane. Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin', Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to stay up to date with my adventures. 

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