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Lifestyle | Making 2018 My Best Year Yet

Lifestyle | Making 2018 My Best Year Yet Rachel Emily in a Bobble hat with Sparkler Smiling

As far as things go, 2018 is already looking to be a pretty huge year in my life.

We are - fingers crossed - only weeks away from completing on our first house and I have my first ski trip ever booked for February, which coincidentally spans my birthday.

As is standard at new year, most of us hope for some change, and I'm no different. As an avid goal-enthusiast I really believe that setting goals for the year help maximise what you can achieve. Over time my goals have got less regimented, less I will do 50 sit ups a day for the year and more relaxed into making small changes to achieve a bigger goal such as being more positive.

Personal Goals


While I found 2017 to be a successful year, it was also a rather stressful year in places where I was probably more than guilty of neglecting myself. For 2018 I'm going to focus on treating myself when I need treating, even if it's just to a long soak in the bath with a good book. I'm also setting up a bullet journal to track things which will aide my wellbeing such as 10,000 steps a day, water intake etc. 


This year I stopped following people online who were bringing unnecessary negativity into my daily life. I found that it was draining having a constant bad energy entering my daily routine and while it seemed harsh to hit 'unfollow' - my finger hovered for a long time debating it - the outcome has worthwhile. I'm following this through into 2018 by trying to reduce my negative impact on those closest to me and continue my pro-positivity campaign. 

Healthier Food Choices

2017 was probably my strangest dietary year yet - if that's even a thing. 
One minute I was told I was lactose intolerant, then 9 months later I wasn't. It was all very confusing. Cutting out dairy did enlighten me though to the power of food and through hours of reading articles, books and blogs I am determined that 2018 is going to be the year where I make better conscious decisions about what I fuel my body with. I'm also determined to learn how to cook with healthier ingredients too.

Mini Goals

I've also set myself some mini goals for the year relating to skills which are:

- Learn how to french braid my hair
- Master better eyeshadow skills (for example not just one solid sweep of colour)
- Implement a better skincare regime
- Master the messy bun (if this can actually be mastered)

Lifestyle | Making 2018 My Best Year Yet - 2018 Planner, cut fresh white roses, spruce and hello letters

Blog Goals

I managed to hit all bar one of my blog goals for 2017, damn you Bloglovin' - I was 3 away. It was almost worse than being nowhere near hitting my goal. I'm setting some harder goals this year but I have faith and a positive outlook that they are achievable. I'm also hoping some more amazing collaborations will come up this year, I guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

The Magic Numbers

Instagram: 1,500
Twitter: 1,000
Facebook: 500
Pinterest: 500
Bloglovin': 400

Business Goals

So Cross Candle Co launched in late 2017 and I am so excited. For me candles can help with wellness and I think they really make a house a home, and I can't wait to fill my new home. I've set some small goals below for the business for the year including launching a new scent and my tea lights. If you fancy staying up to date with how we are getting along we would love a follow on instagram.

- Sell over 100 Candles
- Launch Scent Number 5 - very excited about this!
- Officially launch my tealights

Bucket List Goals

017 - Learn how to make Ice Cream
047 - Buy a House
050 - Get a Tattoo
053 - Take a Picture Everyday for a Year
082 - Do a Run for Charity

What goals and affirmations are you setting for yourself? Are you breaking them down into smaller goals to help hit them? Comment below and let me know.

Also if anyone has any tips for keeping a bullet journal then please get in touch on any medium!! I'm determined to use it to help my achieve my wellness & wellbeing goal.

You can follow how i'm getting on with my goals, and my ski trip and house buying, by following on Bloglovin', Insta, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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