Sunday 26 March 2017

Reflection | Five things to Thank my Mum For

Five things to Thank my Mum For

Happy Mothers Day

So it's mothers day in the UK, a day where across the country children celebrate their lovely mums, children who can't be with their mums are thankful for the times they do have or have had, and expectant mothers to be coo over their adventure to come. I'm lucky enough to be able to say that my motherbear is one of my closest allies and constantly offers me unconditional love and support and shown me over the years unparalleled strength. As a family it's been turbulent but yet my beautiful mum has seen me through and educated me to always look for the stars in the times of darkness. With that in mind I wanted to share five things that I could never thank my mum enough for and I hope that one day if I do become a mother that I can pass on to my child(ren). 

Unwavering Support

No matter what life decisions I've made over my twenty-six years my mum has always supported me. When I decided to travel to Malawi at 17 to volunteer, she helped me raise the money. When I decided studying past the first year of uni wasn't for me, she welcomed me home. When I got into a sticky situation at 16 down in Newquay she drove overnight to come and pick me up without a single question asked. Her unwavering support has led me to try my best to provide that support for the other people in my life that I truly care about the most. 

Investing in me and my brother

Becoming a mother is a huge life event and requires what I can only imagine to be the ultimate sacrifice. You are no longer putting yourself first as you now have dependents to nourish and love with dedication. My mum has done exactly that and fully invested in me and my brother. Now while he would never express this and I still have to buy a card and a present for her from him (he's 20), I know he appreciates the investment, maybe subconsciously, as much as I do. 

Having an open home

Again, I've left the family nest, and returned. In my post about living at home in my twenties, which you can find here, I spoke about the pro's and con's of living at home with mum and while I can't wait to set up a home of my own, I know that her door, and arms, will always be open. The infinity fridge will always have food for me and warm fluffy towels on the radiator. 

Five things to Thank my Mum For

Teaching me strength and resilience

The strength and resilience I have today I have because of my mum. As I mentioned above we've had some turbulent times over the years and I hope to one day be able to give back to the others who helped us as a family in our time of need, but it's my mum who was the glue that held us together. She's made me think about the shoe on the other foot and consider perspectives I would have overlooked before while being strong and quite frankly inspiring. 

Picking us up from the bottom

Not only has my mum spent many occasions picking up a drunk mess from town in the early hours of the morning, again sorry about being sick in your car and down the front door, but she has also picked me and my brother up when we thought we'd hit the bottom. Maybe not rock bottom but she's given us hope and support when we have needed it the most. 

So I'd just like to say the biggest of thank you's to my wonderful mum and all the other wonderful mums who are out there and who have ever been for the sacrifice and devotion they have shown all of us children regardless of our reckless decisions and/or drinking, temper tantrums and magical ability to put repeated holes in school uniforms. 

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