Monday 6 March 2017

Fashion | 6 Trends to Invest in this Spring

6 Trends to Invest in this Spring

So spring is most definitely on it's way, the evenings are lighter and I can hear the birds starting to sing in the mornings now before work. I can't wait to banish the winter woolies and step into something to match the new spring weather. I find spring is often about layers so you can match the ever-changing weather. Bristol decided on sunday it wanted to be all four seasons within the space of 24 hours. Here are my top 6 spring trends to invest in this season that will carry you through to summer...

Embroidery Dreams

The more floral the better is my motto with this trend. I'm totally in love with embroidery be it on denim, lace, sheer fabrics, bags, shoes, well anything. This Topshop bag was a steal that I found at the weekend, it's a great size to fit just about everything I need and has some great 'matching' shoes, which you can find below.

Denim Daze

If you follow me over on instagram, in the rare outfit shots of myself you will probably know that I love a ripped jean. I practically live in jeans and was so happy when ripped jeans started popping up everywhere for the new season along with so many other denim treats. I'm over the moon that the denim mini skirt has made a come back. I'm dribbling over the frayed hems, embroidery, embellishment and tassels on all the denim out there and cannot wait to get my hands on it all. 

6 Trends to Invest in this Spring

Think Pink

The colour of the season and while a few years ago pink would never have been on my wardrobe spectrum of colour, I'm now ready to embrace it. Fuschia is the colour that everyone seems to be loving the most but that seems a little too daring for me being new to the pink ethos. The pastel pink beauties above are from accessorize, who I have to say have strong shoe game at the moment. I can't wait to pair them with my embroidered bag and ripped jeans to really jump into the new spring trends. 

White Out

Completely white looks are here for spring summer and are just going to look amazing with a tan, however if you're as clumsy as me you're probably thinking 'how the hell am I going to keep it clean?!'. It's probably time to invest in some serious quantities of Daz because I really want to rock this look. White is actually my favourite colour because its fresh, clean and classic and if I'm honest I think it can look incredibly high end when done right. Watch this space, maybe a true fashion post will be on its way, my brain is already storming. 

6 Trends to Invest in this Spring

Linear Loving 

Stripes are back (as every spring summer). Think French Riviera stripes all the way through to multi-coloured stripes in every direction possible. Carolina Herrera and DVF sported some linear magic on their runways and stripes are a firm seasonal staple for me so my instagram should prepare.

Flashdance Shoulder

Last year was about bardot and sexy shoulders, this year is about having one sexy shoulder. Think ruffles, frills and 80s glamour all rolled into one. This pom-pom sundress below needs to be in my suitcase for my holiday in may. I think I'm only just going to be able to refrain from wearing my leg warmers too. 

What are your favourite trends for spring? Let me know on Twitter, Instagram or below in the comments.

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