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Festival Series: Survival Pack: Glastonbury

It's official this time in two weeks I will be at Glastonbury festival rocking out in my wellies. Having done other festivals previously such as Reading, last year I went to Glastonbury for the first time and it is in a league of it's own! As soon as you get there you step into a complete different world which is just mental. However, unlike other festivals you need to camp in a field for multiple days on end with limited facilities for washing, cooking and electricity. Here is my festival survival pack:

Festival Series: Survival Pack: Glastonbury


1. Don't camp at the bottom of the hill. While this may avoid unnecessary walking up said hill, if it rains then you are at a high risk of flooding. Embrace the hill and it's higher dryness and think of all the good it will be doing your calves!
2. Don't camp too close to the loos. Again, while it may be convenient, after the first day it will start to stink and potentially run the risk of overflowing. Stay a safe distance away. 
3. If you can't get there until after the Wednesday - send your tent ahead where possible. 
4. Don't camp next to the path. Your tent will get trampled


1. Walk a little bit further away to use the toilet. Admittedly if you've gone a little heavy and broken the seal then this might not be possible but the toilets further away from the main areas have a better chance of being cleaner and less stinky
2. Prepare for the worst. I witnessed many atrocities last year and wondered how on earth that got there. 
3. Don't look down. This mainly applies to the long drops. You don't need to see what's floating in the pit below. No-one does. 
4. Use the toilet furthest away from the path. People are predominately lazy and use the first cubicle they get to leading to the cubicle furthest away being the least used and typically being the cleanest.
5. Compost, Compost, Compost. The compost toilets are much more pleasant to use than the long drops.
6. Pack plenty of toilet roll and hand sanitiser. This is mandatory. (Washlets are really nice too - like toiletting wet wipes!)
7. Don't pee on the land

Festival Series: Survival Pack: Glastonbury

Food and Drink

1. Take alcohol which can be drunk slightly warm. It's very hard to maintain cold anything whilst there. 
2. At Glastonbury there are so many food stands selling amazing things that I would probably declare it rude to take your own and not utilise them. They are also fairly reasonably priced for a festival. 
3. Take a refillable water bottle. You will need to consume lots of water to survive 5 days. Especially if it's hot and you're hungover from the previous day. 
4. Don't take anything that needs a fridge.

Festival Series: Survival Pack: Glastonbury

Packing & Fashion

1. Always take wellies. 
2. Take minimal denim. If it gets wet it is uncomfortable, heavy and takes ages to dry.
3. Pack layers. Layering is key to going from 11am at one stage right through to 5am at another and enduring everything a sweaty tent/stage and the weather can throw at you. 
4a. Pack for all types of weather. Including a poncho which covers as much of you as possible. It always seems to be the sneaky sideways rain at Glasto that gets you.
4b. Prepare for the sun. Last year was roasting at the festival and sunglasses, a hat and suncream were all vital. 
5. Socks, Socks and more socks. You can never have enough socks. 
6. Leave the playsuits, dungarees and bodies at home. While the may look amazing. Having to undress in those long drops is not ideal and you could end up with the unimaginable on your lovely outfit. 
7. Get a portable phone charger. I've found one this year on Amazon that charges my iPhone 6 fully about 6 times.
8. Take ear plugs and an eye mask. As the festival is constantly awake they will be a blessing for catching those Z's when needed.

Festival Series: Survival Pack: Glastonbury


1. The site is huge and it takes a while to get between stages. Don't be too ambitious with your planning for acts. 
2. Leave time to explore the site and stumble upon some great acts. Last year I discovered the New York Brass Band and Stornoway doing this.
3. Don't only plan to see music. This year I'm planning on attending Power Ballad Yoga at the Greenpeace stage.
4. Find the secret stages and secret sets - if you can. I managed to see Bastille last year at a secret set. Follow @SecretGlasto for updates on this on Twitter.
5. Visit the Glasto sign. It's a trek but there's great views of the site

Are you going to Glastonbury or any other festivals this year? If so what is your top tip?

Love Rachel x

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