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Beauty | Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury

Glastonbury is on the horizon and yesterday morning I managed to go and pick up my ticket from the post office which was really exciting. As part of my preparation for going i've been thinking about the bare essentials to take as you have to pack lightly or if you're me last year, you'll end up leaving half of it in the car.

I thought i'd put together a little post about festival beauty and skincare as normal routine goes out of the window and tents are rubbish for natural lighting, if any lighting.

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury

Pre-Festival Prep

Before Glastonbury this year I'm booked in for a microdermabrasion facial to help clean my skin before it gets a little abused and neglected while I party in a my wellies for a few days. I try and pamper my skin so that it's at it's best before I go as if it's not, the exposure it experiences spirals it out of control.

Festival Wonders

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury

Face Mist

I am so glad that about a year ago I discovered the wonder that is the face mist. Again it's so refreshing to use, doesn't interfere with make up and keeps skin hydrated. I love this one from Body Shop from their vitamin E range. It has a gorgeous smell of rosewater and can be used to set make-up too.  

BB Cream

In my opinion less is more at festivals. If it's hot then personally I don't like a full heavy face of make up. I find BB creams are easier to apply, especially in a tent, without the worry of lines and patches. This L'Oreal Paris BB cream has been in my make up bag for nearly a year now and will be staying for a while. It has SPF 25 which is amazing for a festival and everyday use.

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury


Moisturiser is not something that i'm prepared to give up from my daily routine, even for a festival. My skin needs daily moisture. As you may have seen from my previous posts I love Liz Earle products and this moisturiser is brilliant. When packing for the festival too this pot isn't going to get squashed and leak all over a backpack. 

Eye Lotion

Last year my eyes were what gave away how exhausted and tired I really was at the festival. This year I am 100% packing this travel sized Liz Earle eye lotion. Each morning I will be soaking a few cotton pads and lying back on my air bed with them refreshing and waking up my eyes. I might even pop them under my eye mask and grab an extra 10 minutes of Z's. 

Lip Balm

I know i've probably over-used the word exposed within this post but with little shelter across festivals you are left really exposed. Your lips are no exception. I adore this Blistex intensive moisturiser. It's long lasting and contains shea butter to keep your lips looking their best. I also really enjoy the tingly sensation you get when you put it on.

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury

Micellar Water

While it may be easier to pack wipes to remove make up, micellar water is going to be so much more refreshing to use and I find that it's much better at taking off my make up.

Wet Wipes

This is quite an obvious one. Personally I like a fragranced wet wipe as it makes me feel that little bit cleaner, even on day 5. Last year I discovered Andrex washlets too to use instead of toilet roll, which I find are a little bit of heaven when surrounded by the hellish experience of the long drops. 

Hand Sanitiser

Again another obvious one but you just cannot overlook the need for it. A travel sized one in your bag it so handy for your post-toilet experience, post-eating and just making yourself feel that little bit cleaner. Note: Avoid where possible applying to cuts and broken skin as it stings so much. 

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury


To me this is another festival necessity. While it may not be amazing for your skin, it certainly helps you to embrace the spirit of the festival. I also found last year too that it is great for covering a multitude of sins, including spots, blemishes and bags under your eyes. This Barry M body glitter is a great sized pot to take to a festival and share around among friends and a great colour to add a hint of tan and sparkle. 


While this isn't exactly something to necessarily take, although I probably would for the long walk in, water is key to maintaining good skin. As you do so much walking at Glastonbury and usually drinking alcohol, you need to up your water intake to more than the recommended number of litres. If it's hot you probably want to double your intake. If you take a refillable water bottle there are taps all across the site to refill and stay hydrated.

Festival Series: Beauty and Skincare: Glastonbury

So now you know my festival wonders. Is there anything else you'd recommend taking? Any saviour products that you've found?

My festival survival guide also has some tips for having the best festival ever, and make sure you're following me on Instagram to see my favourite snaps from the festival starting on the 22nd June.

Love Rachel x

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