Tuesday 17 July 2018

Hair | Ways to Upgrade your Ponytail

Rachel Emily with Scarf Ponytail Hairstyle in Primark Bonjour Tee in Clifton, Bristol

The scarf ponytail is my new go-to summer hairstyle. It looks chic, fun and on-trend while sweeping your hair back off your face, which is a dream in the current heatwave. What's even better is that the length of your hair doesn't matter and your ponytail goes from an average 6 to a strong 9 within seconds.

Rachel Emily with Pink Scarf Tied into Wavy Ponytail Shot in Clifton, Bristol

My favourite take on the ponytail is with relaxed beach waves to add extra texture and volume. Either a high or low pony looks amazing. Just simply tie your pony and then tie on your scarf. Finish with a little hairspray to tackle any fly away's and you're good to go. It really is that simple.

Rachel Emily Swishing Pink Silk Hair Tie Scarf

Close Up of Pink Scarf Ponytail Hairstyle

My pink scarf here is a specific hair accessory being a hair band in itself from Free People and is available in lots of amazing colours. There are lots of amazing patterns, colours and sizes available though with some of my favourites below.
Rachel Emily with Pink Scarf Ponytail with Beach Waves in front of Pink Hydrangea Bush

If you're also looking for a little more inspiration then Pinterest and Instagram are filled with the hairstyle of the summer. 

Rachel Emily with Scarf Ponytail in front of Pink Hydrangea Bush in Clifton Bristol

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Photography by Sophie Carefull
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