Saturday 8 July 2017

Beauty | Indy Luxe Brushes Review

Indy Luxe Brushes Review

This will probably sound crazy to many but until about 18 months ago I was still using my fingers, yes my fingers, to apply my make up and I hadn't tried anything else. In a world of beauty blending eggs, brushes and sponges I was truly missing a trick.

Indy Luxe Brushes Review

Once I got my first brush it escalated pretty quickly and soon I had a very mis-matched and large collection. I tried all the ranges from BareMinerals, Real Techniques, Primark beauty, Laura Mercier but I have to say none of them have compared to these matching beauties from Indy Luxe. Now I've only owned these a couple of weeks so I can't comment just yet on their durability but so far I am in love. They are 100% cruelty and vegan friendly and their rose gold handles just make them the most instagrammable brushes that I've come across. Their super-soft synthetic fibres allow my make up to feel like its being applied by a cloud and gives a uber-smooth finish.

Indy Luxe Brushes Review

Currently Indy Luxe are offering a 7 and 8 piece set in the rose gold and a rainbow 7 piece set. Naturally I opted for the 8 piece rose gold which is only £28 which makes each brush a bargain at £3.50. The brushes have longer handles than other brushes that I've owned with with caused a few issues with my Ted Baker make up bag so to combat this I splashed out on an Elizabeth Scarlett pouch too. The extra length on the handles I find offers extra control and reach dependant on how far away my mirror is which is really nice to have.

Indy Luxe Brushes Review

Now, you're probably thinking 'What am I waiting for, I need me some of these brushes in my life' and you'd be right but if you hold on for just a few more sentences then you will be able to bag yourself an extra 20% off the set of your choice. This discount makes the 8 piece set only £22.40 and £2.80 per brush. I mean you can't really say no can you?

Use Code: RACHELEMILY20 for 20% off.

The code above is an affiliate code, just to be totally transparent, but my thoughts on the review are my own. I did also pay my own hard-earned monies for the brushes, these were not gifted to me.

Indy Luxe Brushes Review

If you purchase any of the brushes or already have some then I'd love to know what you think too! Don't you just think they are ridiculously soft?

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