Thursday 22 December 2016

Christmas | 15 Things Which Make Christmas Amazing

It's the most wonderful time of the year... and even though I would probably prefer to hibernate through winter like a bear, I just wouldn't be able to as christmas is just too magical to miss. Many people find it all quite stressful but I revel in the delights the season brings... although thats probably because I wouldn't have a chance at cooking an edible christmas dinner. Baking is my thing, not cooking. Here are my favourite things about christmas:

Food & Drink

- Advent; who doesn't love chocolate goodness everyday?! Why don't we do this all year round?

- Eating all the cheese in sight because it's christmas and calories don't count

- Mulled Everything. My personal favourite is Mulled Cider and this bottle from M&S is absolutely divine

- Pigs in blankets. Nothing more needs to be said

- Hot chocolate with the biggest squirty cream mountain you can imagine with as many mini marshmallows that gravity allows

Music, Film & TV

- Settling down after a long day and realising that wait a minute The Holiday or Love Actually are on the TV in 5 minutes

- Christmas Music because ITS CHRISTMAAAAAAS!! If you didn't just shout that like Slade are you even human? Now That's What I Call Christmas was a great purchase this year and I've had it on like crazy this past week.

Family & Home

- Arguing with your brother (or sister) because you are 65% certain that they are cheating at Monopoly and are about to demand an extortionate rent because they own both Mayfair and Park Lane and you're mum really shouldn't have done that deal with them. Surely that's cheating anyway?

- That moment after dinner where everyone has crumpled into any and every available chair as is about to use all their effort not to have a nap but it's inevitable

- Putting on fresh bedding and christmas pyjamas and the feeling of walking on clouds and comfort this brings

- Everything about decorations apart from taking them down. I was definitely a magpie in a former life. Glitter, Lights, Colour, Sparkle and the gorgeous smell of fresh pine, cinnamon and oranges all around

- Giving; I'm not talking about spending a gazillion pounds on the "perfect" present. I'm talking about the amazing look on someones face when you've gifted them something personal, thoughtful and sentimental.

- I count my friends as family. We have a nice, fairly large sized group and I class them all as family. The christmas season brings lots of festive fun with these guys and it's something I look forward to most about the season. Yesterday evening we had our annual christmas dinner including christmas jumpers and it was amazing. Bring on our Christmas Eve activities including Dan-Dingle, where my friend Dan plays the piano and the rest of us sing out of tune and then stick dolly mixtures in apples to celebrate the world.


- Wearing sequins and glitter as often as possible because you only have a limited amount of time before this becomes unacceptable again

- Fluffy Socks and new pyjamas

What are your favourite things about christmas? Do you have any of the same as me?

Love Rachel x

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