Sunday 13 November 2016

Travel | The next ten steps on my bucket list

#208 - Visit Ayutthaya the old capital of Siam | Thailand
In case you didn't know my blog started as a place to record my crazy-long bucket list and after recently having another glance at my list, which can be found here, I decided to put a post together on the next 10 items that I would like to achieve. Being mid-november, christmas will soon be here with the new year and a fresh opportunity to tick some more things off the list. I also thought I'd share some photos of my favourite things I've completed on the list too, like visiting the stunning Ayutthaya in Thailand and falling out while white water rafting; picture taken about a minute before I fell out and was beaten black and blue by the rocks.

#021 - Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
#206 - Island Hop | Thailand
#015 - Learn the Basics of Ballet
In January I will have completed 12 months of ballet classes and at Easter I'm hoping to be able to grade and I'm doing a show in January too.

#040/#043 - Swim with Dolphins/Turtles
This is something I've tried to do and had the opportunity to do previously but I've never managed to tick it off the list. 2017 will be my year, I can feel it.

#047 - Buy a house
The saving has begun and I am totally addicted to interiors on Pinterest and browsing what houses are available on a weekly basis.

#050 - Get a Tattoo
Again something I've been meaning to do for quite a while and just never got round to.

#070 - Take Pictures in a Photo Booth
This sounds really silly but I've never done it and I really want an fun strip of photos representing a really good time.

#033 - Go White Water Rafting
#101 - Go to Glastonbury Festival | England

#076.3 - Go to the French Open
This will be my second of the Tennis Grand slam's but in one of my favourite cities. It's a no-brainer really. New balls please.

#082 - Do a Run for Charity
After not getting a place in the London Marathon for 2017 I've decided to start smaller and work up to the marathon. Maybe a 5k or 10k to start, then a half marathon, then the biggie.

#104 - Go to Royal Ascot
Ladies day next year here I come :)

#106 - Visit Highclere Castle
This plays to my Downton Abbey dreams of being Lady Mary, rumour has it theres a film in the works so I think I'll tick this one off the list sooner rather than later.

#108 - Eat Fish & Chips in Brighton
I've never been to Brighton and my favourite meal is fish and chips. I want to eat fish and chips on the sea front with seagulls lurking overhead and the waves crashing nearby.

Does anyone else have a bucket list? What's on it?

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Love Rachel x
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