Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Travel | London's Sky Garden

So as you may know from my Twitter and Instagram I've been working up in London recently so I thought I'd share on my blog a post about the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street as it's somewhere in the city that I really enjoy going and best of all... it's completely free.

It's classed as one of London's hottest and greenest new(ish) attractions and is located at the top of the infamous car-melting Walkie Talkie tower next to one of my other favourite London attractions, The Tower of London. The garden takes up the whole top floor of the building and is filled with trees, flora and fauna along with a restaurant and bar/cafe. There is an outdoor terrace with views straight across the Thames to the Shard where you get some outstanding views of London. More spectacular views come as you wander up and around the garden too.

I recently had lunch at the Bar/Cafe in the Sky Garden and it was really lovely and not too eye-wateringly priced. Cocktails were a little on the expensive side at around £11.50 but when they serve it in the perfect glass with a side of candy floss, when accompanied by the view you are quick to forget how much money you just parted with.

The Sky Garden is a lovely place to visit in London to admire the city from one of it's highest vantage points and indulge in some good food and drink. I first visited for a Hen Do last year and have been back a number of times since and with a change from day to night or rain to sun, it always brings something new each time. I would highly recommend a visit if you're in the big city.

Have you ever visited the Sky Garden? What did you think?

If you want to visit the Sky Garden you can book free tickets online here.

Love Rachel x

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