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Wellbeing | 8 Tips For Embracing Positivity

8 Tips For Embracing Positivity

"You need darkness to enable you to see the stars"

That quote is one of my all time favourites as mentioned in my 25 things I learnt by 25 post. While negative things are bound to impact our lives at some point, it is all about finding the stars within the darkness to move forward. Self deprecation and negativity tend to fester in our minds much more than positivity and I know that it's so much easier said than done when it comes to thinking and being positive so here are my top tips on how to be more positive...

1. Smile
Seems simple enough right? Just forcing yourself to smile when you're feeling negative can automatically start you back on the right track to the land of positivity. 

2. Question: Does this really matter?
Sometimes I find it's the little trivial things which really get me down so I have to question myself: does this really matter? Before when i've questioned this I couldn't even justify why I was being negative in the first place!

3. Surround yourself with positivity
Include in this positivity around your home and positive people. A while back I changed my job and eliminated a number of negative people from my life and nearly instantly I noticed the difference. Don't be afraid to make a change that might be necessary. Positive people are brilliant to have around and on the other end of the phone. Glass half full kinda people can offer a different perspective on things and won't feed your negativity any further. As for updating your home, there are loads of amazing positivity quotes and prints that you can hang on the wall and surround yourself with photos of amazing memories you have. I'll pop a few of my faves at the bottom of this post.

4. Sing
Even though i'm a terrible singer - think strangled cat - I totally embrace it and adore a good old sing-a-long, especially in the shower. Singing can boost your mood and take your mind off whatever was causing the negativity in the first place. For the full effect, choose the most upbeat and catchy song you know. 

5. Compliment Others
I love this method of positivity. It's a little bit pay-it-forward and karma-esque but it's brilliant. Say something genuine and positive about another person to them, watch the smile spread across their face and realise that it's been contagious and the smile has spread to yours! Not only are you bringing more positivity to your life but you're bringing some to another person too. Win-win situation.

6. Exercise
Exercise releases positive chemicals into the bloodstream which helps to boost your mood and bring positivity - you'll also be improving or maintaining your fitness levels. 

7. Try not to compare yourself to others
This one I feel is really suitable for the blogging community as there are so many gorgeous blogs, photos and people out there to compare yourself to. The tip for this is to stop comparing yourself and embrace who you are as an individual. I mean I'm all for coveting another blog or series of photos but my thing works for me too while I can appreciate the beauty in others. 

8. Dream big and make a vision board
If you don't dream big you certainly cannot live big. Why not aim high or big - by stopping yourself from doing this you take on a negative attitude. I mean who says you can't dream big and achieve it? Embrace those big dreams and hug it out. 
Making a vision board is something i've done since I was little - typically this was visualising (read: cutting out) the Argos catalogue and my mums clothing catalogues and sticking them to some paper with a pritt stick. Now we have the wonderful creation that is Pinterest to avoid those sticky fingers and bad scissor skills. I mean they do have the strap line "The world's catalogue of ideas". Vision boards can help pick you up when you may not be feeling your best and help you focus on goals and dreams, no matter how big. 

Positive Quote Prints

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If you'd also like to take a peek at some of my Pinterest vision boards: RachelEmily__

Love Rachel x

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