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Bloom & Wild Hand Tied Bouquet Workshop Flowers with Gold Hello Letters and Candle in Vase

If you've seen my instagram, or been to my house you'll know that I love fresh flowers. The smell, the aesthetics and most importantly the calm they bring into a home is something I adore. As the season changes the blooms can reflect the weather, your mood and make your house really feel like a home.
My struggle is that the area I live has a grand total of zero florist's. My options are often limited to the supermarket flowers on offer. I'd much prefer to use a true florist who knows and cares for the blooms rather than a supermarket who abandons them in a bucket until someone scans the plastic wrapper at the checkout.

This is where Bloom & Wild step in. They really are a true florist but with a supreme delivery service. The flowers literally fit through your letterbox. No need to be at home when they arrive. No abandoned flowers in buckets. Each bloom is individually protected and wrapped so they arrive in perfect condition.

I was lucky enough to attend a Bloom & Wild hand tied flower bouquet workshop a couple of weeks ago and I learnt so much about how to care for your flowers, how to tie them into the most gift-worthy bouquet and how to condition your flowers. The glass of prosecco on offer too definitely helped me engage with my inner florist too. If you fancy doing a workshop yourself they are currently available in Bristol, London, Bath and Cheltenham with more details available here.

Pink Powder Peonies, Calla Lilies, Robusta, White Gladioli by Bloom & Wild

Flower Care

When you buy fresh flowers it's important that you care for them the right way to make them last as long a possible. The first step to good care is to condition your flowers.

You should remove all foliage, aka greenery & leaves, which will fall below the water line as this will encourage bacteria to grow and wilt the flowers. You also need to trim around 1-2 inches off the bottom of your stems to allow a fresh area for the flowers to drink the water. If you trim the stems at an angle then this will maximise the surface area the stem has for drinking. 

Water should be fresh, so ideally changed every other day.

Bloom & Wild Hand Tied Flower Bouquet from Workshop with Peonies, Calla Lillies and Gladioli

Flower Favourites

Now everyone has a favourite bloom that they are drawn to and here are some of my favourites which look amazing in the home.

Peonies are always an insta-worthy firm favourite and the season is just coming to an end for the year. These look amazing with eucalyptus especially with my personal favourite the powder pink peony.

Hydrangea look amazing with their voluminous blooms but don't like to be without water too long or in direct sunlight and even then still only have a short cut stem life span.

Sea Holly/Thistle these add a gorgeous texture to any bouquet with their lightly purple spiky exterior.

Eucalyptus is a foliage that smells heavenly and bulks out a bouquet. You can also just pop a few springs in a small jar for a rustic stand alone update to your home.

Freesia are a flower easy to pick up in a supermarket and in a variety of different colours. My favourite thing about freesia is that they smell lovely. I try and put these in a vase near my front door so when people walk in it smells fresh and floral.

What are your favourite types of bloom? Do you like having fresh flowers at home?

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