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Gemporia Amethyst Birthstone Candle with White Roses and Lilac Stocks

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I'm not sure if it's the aura of love which is radiating everywhere today but I am in a great mood which spurred me to share 5 positive things with you because my last one was back in July.

Gemporia Birthstone Candle February Lilac Stocks and Jewellery on some special edition Fitzgerald Books

1. Birthday Month

So February is my birthday month and if I didn't share the month with birthdays of a bestie, grandmother, cousin and friend then I would probably try and hijack the whole month and dedicate it to birthday celebrations. This year I am spending my birthday in Tignes, France and I couldn't be more excited but there's plenty of things to do before I jet off into the skiing unknown.

February so far has been a bit of a blur. Moving house can do that to you. I'm not sure I actually feel human right now but the major move is done and I'm embracing everything I can to help me recover from eating mountains of avocado and super-foods to having long bubbly baths surrounded by candles. The lovely ladies at Gemporia sent me a birthday treat, in the form of an Ombre Birthstone Candle, and it is really improving my rating on the human scale. 

From my days working in Pandora, I knew that Amethyst is thought to protect from poison and intoxication and as this gorgeous candle burns the wax melts and the amethyst warms whilst gently floating and emitting good energy. The scent is a beautiful lilac rose which I can't seem to get enough of and has a really clean burn as it's 100% soy wax. It's been the perfect birthday month pick me up that I really needed. 

2. Skiing

So my last five positive things spoke about how I had booked skiing for 2018, well guys, I'm less than 2 weeks away from going. I have my bobble hats and thermals at the ready and I'm itching to get out there on the slopes. I've never been skiing before but the Winter Olympics has me absolutely buzzing to go. It was actually Sochi 2014 which made me decide I was going commit to learning how to ski and i'm going to do it. Watch out for hopefully daily instagram stories updates on chalet and ski life. I'm hoping for fresh snow and lots of wine, cheese and potatoes.

White Roses and Lilac Stocks

3. Fashion Month

So February is officially fashion month and I'm in the middle of planning my spring fashion content. While it won't hit the blog in February because I'm not super-human, i'm still classing it as a contribution to fashion month. Think stripes, VIB's (Very Important Basic's), yellow, polka dots, lace and pastel shades.  I'd love to know what content you'd love to see on the blog so leave me some comments below. 

4. En Pointe

A ballet milestone is happening this month. This friday in fact. I am going to practice in my pointe shoes for the first time. Ever. I got them for Christmas knowing that the prospect of them was on the horizon but I've been told that I am officially allowed to go to pointe classes from Friday. Again keep your eyes peeled on my instagram stories because I'm going to try and document my rise to pointe work. 

Gemporia Candle and Roses with Stocks Five Positive Things

5. Knowledge is Power

So since the move I've been trying to dedicate some time in between covering myself accidentally in paint, to give my skin some TLC and it's working. I sat down in January and educated myself on what my skin needs and I've been trying to get it right. I got told yesterday that my skin had a lovely glow to it and I'm pretty sure I had a smile on my face all day. I probably looked a little stupid. If you want to read a little more too, check out my review of the ordinary skincare which has been helping me to love my skin. 

Now my skin is a little brighter and healthier I'm going to focus on dedicating a little time to educating myself about diet. I want to eat myself healthier from the inside out. I've been looking online at some book recommendations such as 'Eat Beautiful' by Wendy Rowe, Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Motivation Guide and a few by Madeleine Shaw - if you'd read any or have any to recommend I'd love to know. Knowledge is power and I really want to embrace the power. 

What are five positive things in your life right now? Is it your birthday month too? I'd love to hear you recommendations to help me with my goals and spread some positivity. 

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