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Mission: Get Fit

It's July and I have officially, as of yesterday, completed my HNC in Construction. The feeling yesterday after handing in my final assignments and having an icy cold cider to celebrate was so satisfying and I was genuinely proud of myself for the first time in a long time. My college days are now over and my poor student eating choices need to go too. Since starting my course just under 2 years ago I've gone from a size 6 to a large 8/small 10 and while I don't think I look bad for it, I feel horrible. I feel sluggish all the time and lacking in energy so I've decided that July is the beginning of mission: get fit.

You might be curious as to what mission: get fit entails, well, below is what I'm going to do throughout July and into August to help me become strong and fit.

Mission: Get Fit

Couch to 5k

Recently a friend completed the couch to 5k process and after discussing it with them, all the benefits they've experienced - I want. I want to be able to run, have more energy and feel better about myself so i've downloaded the app and tomorrow is my first venture in my running shoes and gorgeous new gym leggings from Bellum Active at Style Sportif

1 Month Challenge

I've seen these 30-day miracle challenges all over Pinterest in my desperate bid to create a board full of health and fitness inspiration. They all tell you that you can have washboard abs or the peachiest of bums within just 30 days. Now I'm incredibly sceptical about this. I feel like it's about as genuine as the Love Island cast selling teeth whitening kits and protein but I've figured that doing it once can't exactly hurt. So I've made my own little challenge that I think will work for me which you can find below. 

Mission: Get Fit, July Challenge

Think about my food

Food is a biggie for me and whenever I try and 'diet' or introduce a totally health 'diet' I just cave within days. The longest I've gone is about 30 days and I threw about 3 tantrums a day just to survive that long. With that in mind I'm going to make a conscious effort to make healthier choices. Say no to the second and third doughnuts. 

Mission: Get Fit


If you follow me on here or social media you'll know that I do a ballet class every Friday night. I absolutely love ballet and I really kick myself that I didn't take it up sooner (I was 24 when I worked up the courage to go). With gradings at Christmas and getting onto pointe shoes on the horizon I'm going to commit to the second class every Friday now and I'm going to try and improve my flexibility with the Acro class my dance school run on a Wednesday.  
If anyone in the Bristol area is looking to take up adult dance then I highly recommend 344 Dance Station.

I have a mini-break to Devon on the 10th August and I really hope that my fitness improves by then so I can surf and go on long walks with my friends as we normally do without me plodding along at the back plus if I don't have a muffin top in my bikini that's always a bonus. I'm planning on doing the above alongside 2-3 gym sessions a week where possible dependant on how often I am away on site for work. If anyone has any fitness tips then please leave them in the comments below.

Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin', Insta, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with my progress. Insta stories is something I'm really loving at the moment. Expect to see some pre and post run snaps to see how difficult this running thing is going to be for me. 

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