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Going Dairy-Free

The concept of going dairy-free for me was terrifying. I love pretty much all products which are made using dairy except cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is just wrong in my opinion. Last Christmas my stomach betrayed my taste buds and dictated that my diet had to change to be dairy-free.

Many people choose to live a dairy-free lifestyle and others, like myself, are forced. My doctor has told me that my intolerance is IBS triggered by stress and heightened by lactose. So, some of you might be asking what actually is Lactose? Lactose is the enzyme needed to digest the sugar in dairy products. When you develop an intolerance to lactose your body simply stops producing as much of this enzyme which causes the difficulty.

Dairy also has a bad habit of being sneaky. Below is a list of some of the key dairy items which can be overlooked when considering a dairy-free lifestyle:

- Milk
- Cheese
- Butter
- Chocolate
- Yoghurt
- Ice Cream
- Custard
- Whey Protein

These items then appear in things like sandwiches. Most shop-bought sandwiches have butter on the bread. Salad dressings are often made using dairy. Butter is used for pastry, so Greggs is out of the question. Wotsits contain milk. You can't get a Mr Whippy from the ice cream man when he plays that enticing version of Greensleeves outside your house. Most people include butter or milk in scrambled eggs. Dairy is just so bloody sneaky.

Going Dairy-Free

With free-form requirements and lifestyle choices becoming more prominent there is now a fairly decent selection of alternatives to the above offenders. This is where personally I struggle the most as I have a life threatening allergy to nuts, of all kinds. For me this removes probably 50% if not more of the alternative options out there but that being said I have found some alternatives which have helped me substitute some of the dairy products I really missed the most.

Now what are the benefits? For me, the pain and regular emergency toilet trips have gone which really is the biggest benefit I could have asked for. My skin is brighter and primarily spot-free, apart from a few small tiny ones. Lots of people I know who are dairy-free also report feeling more energetic but for me I am always on the go so feeling energetic often escapes me anyway.

If you're thinking of choosing to go dairy-free or have been forced like me then I thought I'd share some of my favourite delicious recipes (which are also nut-free) that I have come across, thank you pinterest and Bloglovin, to get you through:

Dairy and Nut-Free Breakfasts

Pancakes from Popsugar

French Toast from Wallflower Kitchen 

Baked Eggs in Ham from PopSugar

Dairy and Nut-Free Lunches & Dinners

Macaroni Cheese (yes you heard cheese there) from Go Dairy Free

Mini Lasagne from Baby Led Feeding

Dairy and Nut-Free Treats & Snacks

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Honest Cooking

Pineapple Nice Cream from The Pretty Bee

Going Dairy-Free

If you fancy some more delicious recipe ideas then I also have a dairy-free pinterest board in the pipeline (it's currently hidden in secret until I have enough delicious recipes to release) so make sure to follow me for the release!

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