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Five Positive Things

It's been ages since I last did a five positive things post and it felt fitting to write this post as I am bursting with positivity at the moment.

1. I am going skiing!! It's official. It's booked. Deposits paid. I, one of the clumsiest humans known to man, am going skiing in February next year. Tignes better watch out. What is even more amazing about it is that I get to celebrate my birthday while I'm over there and the birthday of a close friend too. I think i'm hyperventilating I'm that excited.

2. Earlier this month I completed #086 on my bucket list and donated blood. It really wasn't as scary or painful as I thought and I was so proud of myself once the donation was complete. Then this afternoon I received a message to say my donation had been allocated to a patient. It even told me the hospital it was going to! I'm sure my heart went a little fuzzy knowing that my donation was being put to use.

3. As I type this I am 5 followers away from 500 on Instagram and 1 follower away from 500 on twitter. I set 500 followers as my goal to achieve for the year and it's July and I've so very nearly done it. I've prepared my giveaway for when I hit target so keep watching this space. I think it's a really good one, but then I'm quite heavily biased.

4. Our house saving plan hit a landmark this month and come early next year we are hopefully going to be browsing for our own place. I've now ramped up the Pinterest boards based on interiors and I've started 'nesting' (read: buying pictures, ornaments and cushions) for our new home. J has been 'nesting' too (read: buying saucepans, hoovers and other practical household items) and buying our own house now seems more real. It always felt like it was never going to happen before.

5. There are so many fun events planned in the diary, besides skiing and my giveaway. Next weekend my little brother turns 21 and I'm going inflatable assault coursing in the Cotswolds. The following weekend I'm spending in Devon. My older brother is expecting a little baby girl in autumn. There is a small possibility of going to the Caribbean before christmas and we have Ed Sheeran tickets for next year. I'm sure so much more will go on in between but I am just so excited for the future.

So there it is, five positive things I just cannot wait for. Oh, and the Love Island Reunion is on TV tonight. Lets make that the sixth positive thing because there are so many questions about this year's couples that I need answering. Plus I've just remembered that GoT is on tomorrow which can be number seven. If anyone wants to discuss GoT theories then find me on Twitter because I am addicted.

What are you looking forward to? What has you smiling or radiating positivity at the moment?

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